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Beagle Sites

The sites are now arranged in a different order - scroll down to visit beagle breeders in the US, Australia and other countries.

Beagle Connections - Resource for breeders, breed info, and beagle clubs.

Beagles on the Web - Shows you where all the beagles on the web are, even includes rescue, auctions and pictures of beagle fests. Great for any beagle-lover!

Beagle Resource Center - A page to for breeders, including links to international breeders, judges, beagle shows and results etc. Great site!

Beagles On The Net - Some nice pics of beagles from the author's kennel and other links.

Beagles On Da Web - About beagle Mesha and other info.

Beagle Stuff - Complete with a chat room, icq chat, beagle books, forum & it even host its own beagle award!

The Beagle Page - This public information website has lots of great information, photos, databases, and so much more on the best subject -- Beagles!

Beagles U.S.A. - A great site with info on breeding, clubs, breed info, pedigrees etc.

The Regal Beagle - Great site honoring this amazing breed - lots of useful articles & information.

Beagle FAQ - Great for anyone considering to get a beagle! But don't let it scare you off!

The Internet Beagle Aficionado Recreation Club - Huge archive of postings regarding beagles. Or join IBARC today! I can't think of more good things to say about this list!

Arooooo! - A gathering of beagle lovers!

Winnie the Beagle - A small and compact site, just right for a beagle.

Kritters in the Mailbox - Life-like Beagle figurines deliverable directly to your mailbox.

Beagle Breeders (USA & Canada)

Biarhill Beagles - Breeders of quality beagles for show and pet.

Briarlane Beagles - From Canada, this kennel presents Emily, Duncan, Skye and Sawyer.

Cluain Kennels - In PA, this kennel raises 15" beagles.

Five Sisters - This kennel is located in CA and provides weekly updates (with pics) of their available pups, FAQs and a buyers guide.

Foxhunter Beagles - Also from Canada, this kennel also shows and produces English Foxhounds and German Shepherds.

Highgate Beagles - They think they have the cutest beagles - you be the judge! With pictures of their beagles & puppies.

Jackpot Hounds - A kennel from Canada, the site includes beagles, harriers and whippets.

Just-Wright Beagles - A kennel in CA and the place to go if you want to subscribe to the Show Beagle Quarterly.

Manahound Beagles - Situated in WA, this kennel showcases their winning pups.

Maple Ridge Beagles - A show dog site with pics of their beagles.

Meadowland Beagles - A kennel in NJ showcasing their beagles and pictures from Beagle-A-Day calender. Includes an animated slide show.

Meriadoc Beagles - A Canadian site by Lori Bulmer, showcasing her beagles and photography. Great pics.

Mojave Dessert Beagles - Field and pet beagles from CA. Includes a request form and puppies for sale.

P.A.L.'s Beagles - Site for field and hunting beagles.

Riverun Beagles - Show and pet beagles from IL, includes pictures, puppy availability and show results.

StraightFlush Beagles - A beagle kennel from Louisiana.

Stranske Beagles - Another show dog site with pics.

Starbuck Torbay Beagles & Whippets - Featuring a collage of their show dogs.

Strongbow Beagles - Homepage of this kennel with pics of their champs, including some great links.

Twainheart Beagles - A real treat for beagle lovers, esp. the puppy collage!

Page Mill Beagles - In California, this kennel was featured in 'The Beagle'.

Ransom Creek Kennels - A small site on this kennel in NY.

Beagle Breeders (Australia & New Zealand)

Castaulan Beagles - A small and successful kennel from Australia.

Goldenbelle Beagles - Situated in Brisbane, this Australian kennel houses a few champions.

Houndale Beagles - Beagle breeder from New Zealand. With pics and info.

Jest Beagles - A New Zealand kennel, housing some fine beagles.

Jewelmont Beagles - Includes information for beagle owners and pics of this loveable bunch.

Jonesh Beagles - An Australian site also featuring Golden Retrievers.

Sligrachan Kennels - West Australian beagle kennel.

Toonhund and Beagelee - An Australian show beagle site, featuring the cutest puppies!

Peelsview Beagles - A small Australian site.

Urliup Beagles - An Australian site, it showcases their much loved beagles and the beagle standard.

Beagle Breeders (Other Countries)

Bangor Beagles - Located in Brazil, this site hosts their history, news, information on litters and even a champion's gallery.

Beagles of Dynamite's Gentry - A German kennel with pictures, pedigrees and kennel news.

Gold Line Beagles - A Danish Show Beagle site.

Serenaker Beagles - A UK beagle site with occasional puppies for sale.

Sweet Connections - Hailing from Germany, this beagle site is in German.

Nivek Beagles UK - With a pedigree exchange, you'd be able to trace those 'unknown ancestors'.

Tragband Beagles - From the UK, this kennel boasts record-breaking beagles. By international judge and author, Andrew Brace.

von der Thurnmühle Beagles - The first Austrian beagle site! With a photogallery, puppy page, information on their beagles.

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Beagle Clubs

Beagle Club of NSW

The West Australian Beagle Club

The Beagle Club of Queensland

Beagle Club of British Columbia (Canada)

Bergslagens Beagle Club (Central Sweden)

Columbia-Willamette Beagle Club (CWBC) (OR)

Fort Plain Beagle Club (NY)

Monroe Beagle Club (PA)

San Jancinto Beagle Club (TX)

The Northern and Midland Countries Beagle Club (UK)

Austrian Beagle Club

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Doggie Pages

(all of which include info on beagles and basic dog care)

American Kennel Club - Comprehensive list of dog breeds and breed standards.

The Kennel Club - The English Kennel Club, along with the prestigious Crufts Show.

Acme Pet - Great site which offers loads of resources on pets, health, grooming and even hosts free classified ads, chat, boards, pet news and more.

AllDogs - Part of the AllPets site, this page has tons of info from health to showing.

A World of Dogs - Covers everything from breeds, breeders, rescues, trainers, clubs, dog zines, chat & bulletin board.

Barking Buddies - A really impressive site showcasing dog stories, poems, discussions, breed information, cartoons, tips & advice, a barking buddies gallery, virtual dog show and lots more...Bookmark this site.

Canine Connections - A monthly e-zine featuring articles, breed information, club listing, chat room, rescue listings and even recipes.

Cyber Pet - A cute site with CyberDog and CyberCat has its navigator - loaded with information for anyone ranging from a pet-fancier, to a breeder to an exhibitor.

Digital Dog - Complete with a live chat, articles and dog breeds.

Dog Owner's Guide - HUGE list of articles - with a run down of each breed, health care, training, housebreaking...practically everything you need to know! :)

Dog Bone Club - A club which boasts 2000+ members - join today for weekly newsletters, online chats and a msg board to answer all dog-related queries. Breed information, veterinary issues, advice and tips & even dog products and services.

Doggie Door - Articles on puppy info, chat, message boards and of course, real doggie doors! - Searchable database of dog breeds, interactive games and dog news.

Dog Informat - Loads of info on shelters, breeds, training & behaviour and events.

The Dogpatch Doghouse - A really comprehensive site for those interested in agility, obedience, herding and lots more.

Dogz Online - An Australian & New Zealand site on pure bred dogs showcasing breed information, breed clubs, breeder forums, online shopping and news about dogs.

Guide to Best Dog Free Stuff - Links to free virtual postcards featuring different breeds of dogs, free games, screensavers, calenders, dog graphics & food samples.

How To Love Your Dog - A really informative site for kids on pet-ownership.

Oz Dogs - Listing of boarding kennels, breeding kennels, dog names, rescue services etc.

Pet Support - Dog section has info on different breeds.

PetNet - The site for pet ownership in Australia, includes Select-A-Pet.

PetPath - Pet news, equipped with sections like 'Breed Finder', 'Animal Talk', 'Lost and Found' and much more.

The Poop - Discussion forums, pet advice, photo contest, rescue & adoption - a fun site!

Purina - With sections like Puppy Place, The Place We Play and Advice. Great layout and beautiful pictures. Well worth a visit!

Rwoof! - Pet dog products and even includes free horoscopes for your dog, recipes and a pet care care corner.

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Health Care/Campaigns

NetVet - All the resources and advice you need for Snoopy.

Kirby's Korner - Based in San Francisco Bay Area, with list of recommended vets, places to go, medical info and more.

The Health Links Page - Just what it says. :)

Harmony Animal Hospital - Veterinary care for all pets.

HomeVet Natural Health Center - Packed with articles and even a BBS.

Pet'escue - Offers great information on health care for your pet, along with other links.

The Virtual Veterinary Center - Site with great links to online journals and medical dictionaries.

VetInfo - Lots of good info for any pet-owner.

Stop Abuse! Don't Litter - Spay/Neuter - A great site devoted to stopping animal overpopulation. For all responsible pet-owners.

Friends of Animals - Another informative site on pet overpopulation, African wildlife, hunting, vivisection, spay/neutering and more. Touches on all pressing issues for animals today.

Nancy Pilotte's "Spay/Neuter-Save A Life" - With stories, poems & spay/neuter and shelter information.

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Adopt-A-Pet - A list of online animal shelters for all animals.

Animal Home - A search engine dedicated to finding homeless pets a home.

PAWS Virtual Shelter - Dogs wanted and dogs for adoption. Some pics available.

Beagle Rescue Services - List of rescue services in USA.

CWBC Beagle Rescue - For referrals and foster care.

DDC's Pet Rescue Site - Lists of all rescue org. of different breeds.

Hearts United for Animals - A great rescue/shelter for dogs. Complete with pics and info.

Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources - Another huge list of animal rescue & shelters categorised by country & state.

SOS Beagle Rescue - From Pet Finder USA, this page accesses the beagles nearest to you via zip code.

Pet Action League - A pet rescue organisation, with info on health care, tips on losing a pet and pet stories. Sponsor one of the pictured pets too!

Montgomery County SPCA - Features dogs and cats for adoption, complete with pictures and descriptions.

Nike Animal Rescue Foundation - Based in San Jose, California, this rescue features pets (including horses & rabbits) to be adopted.

Southern California Companion Animal Rescue Resource - A comprehensive listing of rescue groups and shelters located in Southern California.

Tulsa SPCA Animal Shelter - Dedicated to helping homeless animals, public education and promoting spaying & neutering. Also includes "Virtual Adoption" and pet care tips.

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Personal Pages

Eagle Rocks Schipperkes - For anyone who wants to know about Schipperkes, this is the place to go! With breed info, loads of photos, breed rescue & adoptions links, it's quite a fun place to hang out, really.

Marcy's Page - With Daisy, Holly, Matthew & Lucky, this is one big happy family. Marcy can even help if you've got problems with a shy dog.

Geoffrey's Homepage - About 2 Miniature Schnauzers, this page holds great content - info, photos, links and served with a dash of humor.

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In the Dog House - Features toys and gifts for dogs and dog lovers.

2000 Dog Names - Just what you need when you're sick of 'Fluffy', 'Spot' or 'Boxer'.

Canines of America's World Dog Training - Training, behaviour and discussion groups for the trouble dog owner. - Toys and treats for your pooch.

Dogz - A cyberpet, anyone?

Dr John's Dog Naming Service - If 2000 names is not enough. :)

Don't Shoot the Dog! - Clicker-training. (a very useful method I hear) - A great pet travel resource including lodging directories and information to make your trip with your pet an enjoyable one.

Puppy Apptitude Test - By Planet Leo, this online test determines the personality of your puppy.

Travel Dog - Resourceful for dog owners who travel often.

Pet Network - Online shopping for Australians and New Zealanders. Offers toys, grooming tools, coat care products, beds etc.

Planet Pet - Pet toys.

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