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Welcome to Odie's Place!
cartoon *Odie*
(c) Paws 1996
Not that Odie!!!
Odie and his stuffie
This is our Odie!!!
Whew! Glad we got that straightened out!

Hi there! I'm Odie... Dempsey's real brother! You've already read about him and Trailways, haven't you? Well, this is my little corner of the world... and I'm so happy you came to visit!

My name used to be "
Aljo Whisper Jim" at the track. I raced until I was 5 1/2 years old... then I started to slow up a little. I could have dropped down in class and still raced, but my people wanted me to retire as a Grade "A" racer... so they retired me and I came to live with my brother and my new brother! Isn't that cool??? I got here on July 1st, 1996. Three days later I was in a parade! The nice people from the Greyhound Adoption Group my new people belonged to (GPA/MD) were in the Dundalk Fourth of July parade, and I was the newest greyhound there! Wow... was that fun! I got lots of head scratches and ear rubs... all the people said I was really handsome! (gee... I was even a little embarrassed!)
Odie with Spencer the cat
Besides my brothers, my new people had these other animals... I think they're called "cats". There are 7 of them here!! I like them, too... especially Spencer! He and I are really close... when he was a kitten he "adopted" me! Here Spencer is checking out our new doggie beds (we let the cats use them, too!) Actually, I think he might have just been saying "Hello!" to me... he does that a lot! My Dad says he'll make a spot for people to see all the cats soon... after he finishes mine!
I'm a real "Mommy's boy"!! I have to know where she is ALL the time!!! She calls me her "right hip" cause that's where I always am!! I know she likes it, though, cause I always get ear rubs whenever I want 'em!

In this picture we were at the GPA/MD Greyhound Reunion... there were about 600 Greyhounds there. I won the "Tallest Greyhound" contest! It was sort of hard work, though, so I had to take a nap... then Dad woke me up for this picture!
Odie at GPA/MD 1998 Reunion
Now I lead a nice comfortable life. I have my Mom, my Dad, my brothers, and my cats.. but there are some Greyhounds who aren't as lucky as me. Some of them don't find homes... ever.

If you've enjoyed reading our pages and learning about Greyhounds, but you don't have one yet... won't you consider adopting a Greyhound soon? There's one out there for you... waiting...

If you'd like more information online, here's a new service some of my friends have started. It's called the
Greyhound Adoption Forum... and the people who run it can direct you to an adoption group in your area. Or you can contact Greyhound Pets of America at 1-800-366-1472 - they will refer you to their closest chapter. Whichever you choose... please consider adopting one of my friends. Let a Greyhound race into your heart... you'll find love at 45 MPH!!!
Our beloved Odie
Aljo Whisper Jim
2/14/91 - RB 7/1/04

July 1, 2004 - Eight years to the day after he arrived, Odie left us after a valiant 9 month battle with glomulonephritis, a kidney disease. Although the disease took its toll on Odie physically, his gentle and loving disposition remained until the end.

We know Odie's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with Trailways, nuzzling bunnies and chasing butterflies.
We'll see you again, Odie-wan... we miss you and love you!

With love, Mom, Dad, Dempsey and Spencer

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Dancing cartoon Odie
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