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Those Darn CATS!!!
(also known as the Frenzied Feline members of the Zoo)
We can't forget the furry felines who entertain us so often with their antics - keep our greyhounds exercised - and they do make nice footwarmers... so these next pages are devoted to the cats - yes, the lovable little critters! (Okay... so we don't know when to quit!)

At this time the "Dwarfs" range in ages from 3 years up to 13 years old... and still have all 9 lives intact (for the most part!! *G*)!

This is the furrball that started it all... and made us cat lovers. Also, the only cat I've ever seen that could talk! (yes... I said talk! Four words... "Eat", "Out", and "Right now!!!" All clearly and distinctly...)

Just kidding!! *G*

These pages are dedicated to "Cat", born 1979, RB 3/9/96. Cat was, and will forever be, the world's most perfect feline. His memory will live on forever...

Now... let's meet the furballs!!

Click here to meet Those Darn CATS!!!

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