Check out these Poms!!! Some great, very photogenic friends!! I love their pictures!!!! 

The Poop.  This is a wonderful site!  Everything you will ever need. Even has a photo contest where you can win neat prices. This site is only for dogs. 

Acmepet.  If you can't find the info you need at the Poop then you should here.

Pets welcome.  If you travel check this out.  Has info.
on Hotels that lets animals and humans stay in the
same room.

Air and Detrum Ty Beanie Babies.  I couldn't leave
these guys out!  My owner won't let me play with hers.
Check out why!

The Doghouse Online. This is a cute site. There is even a picture of me on it! Wasn't that nice!

Annie's Place and More. This is where I got my first award Thanks again Tina. Annie is such a cutie! There is many different pages on so many things! Please check it out!

Cocoa and Spunky. Check out these 2 Poms! They are very KEWL!!! My cyper pals!

Barking Buddies. I just found this site and I really like it! Check it out!

Petsburgh Post- Go get listed with them if you are in Petsburgh!

LovesPoms's HomePage- Alba and the LovesPoms Gang. Happiness is 4 Poms, then there's Jake and the Birds! Very nice site. Has a lot of info on the Pom breed.

Sweetie- He gave me my second award!! Thanks sooo much! Check out the Monkey-Bird-Frog-Dog!! LOL. And don't forget Mr. Fuzzy!

Roger's Pet Photos- Roger is a Large Pom too. He was nice enough to put a picture of Riley on his own website and some words about Riley! Go check it out!

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Updated November 11, 1999.