Cinnamon SineesaComet

Champ SolomonAstra

Fargo SadieHershey

Joschi BuddyElijah

Duke and Duchess:
Baxter Filly

Royal Guards:
Popcorn Choo-ChooGunter

Royal Doggie Finders:
Grinnin Gilbert Hannah

Royal Keepers of the Bark
Jessie CometOzzie McMutt

Royal Keepers of the Milk Bone
Emmitt JakeWillieGirl

Royal Keepers of the Game "Fetch"
Toby CaseyMolly Brown

Royal Keepers of Doggie Love
Jake PatapoufZita

Royal Keepers of Chew Toys
Needed! Needed!Needed!

Court Jesters
Needed! Needed!Needed!

Knights of the Dog Bowl
Thunder Needed!Needed!

If you would like to apply to be royalty please send your name,
email, and why you want this position.
If you are choosen, you will recieve a certificate in 2-3 days.

Some ideas for positions were thought up by Comet

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