You've probably heard of c*t dating on the net, but what about dogs?

A "Wink-Wink" is like a boyfriend or girlfriend.
That's what c*ts call it. We call it a "Woof-Wink".
We made this page so you can find your true love.

6 year old female Golden Retreiver looking for Pure bred Golden boy with very long pendulent ears. Must like water,the beach and catching balls. He must be a retreiver like myself that never bring the balls back

6-1/2-year-old (barely gray!) female searching male that is full of energy. Must be willing to run and play, walk in rivers, and talk about stuff that many dogs deem 'unimportant' like the best kind of rug or most comfy spot on your back to lay. Any breed will be accepted, but a Heinz 57 is preferred. Age four or over please, or a very mature younger dog. Love and licks to all.

I'm Ben and I'm a wild and crazy runrunrun golden retriever. I'm gonna be 4 in May and I big and tall and skinnyboy and I likes to swim and play and frap and do lots stuff and jump and chase birds and bunnies. I would like a nice young ladydoggie to play with so all you nice little girl doggies out there, you can be any kinda doggie as long as you like to have fun and do stuff and be busy - right now I gots lotsa snow drifts to jump over and dive into so come on over -woof!

I'm Zerk and I's a big huge boy but I very gentlemanly and calm. I come from far away and my whole life is a secret. My people sez I gonna be six in de flowertime dey tink. mememe is a golden retriever but I don like de water or de snow or to swim or much runrun. Sometimes runrun and bark and roo is okay but mostly I got dis speshul ballie I drag around - you come over you gotta bring yer own ballie. I'm looking for a nice quiet and mature girldoggie who would like to relax and cuddle and watch TV and snuggle and whisper secrets.

Grinnin Gilbert
My names' Grinnin Gilbert, I'z a cute cuddly boy golden retriever, still just a pup they say, but in people years about 10 or so, guess that's still a boy! I LOVE to grin, spesully a girliee doggies... I like girlee doggies that are gorgeous in their own way but ya gotta have brains! If ya like to play, run, have grinnin boys looking at ya with admirashun do tell, I'll be happy as can be to be your woof-wink!

Hi! I'm Buddy! I'm a hansome 10 year old lt.brown and white Basenji. I'm looking for a cute, small girl dog around my age and size that I can talk to and maybe....fall in love with.=) I like running all over the place as well as cozy nights on the couch. (I can also teach effective ways to ignore and annoy your humans!!!)

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