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Who is greatly missed by all her friends.

RIP Ollie
May 16, 1990 - May 1, 1999

May 1, 1999

My baby Ollie suffered from seizures all night but she was unaware of what was happening to her. Dave & I spent the night with her between us on the bed, she kissed us both goodbye, she passed away 5 minutes before the vet's opened--we had made the difficult decision & were going to have her taken out of her misery as soon as they opened. But Ollie knew--she did not want us to have to live with having made that decision--she was lying in my arms when she died. My heart aches so bad, I can't go on without my Ollie.

May 10, 1999 "Mother's Day"

This is long, & a tear jerker, so get the tissues out, but it is so sweet that I had to share it.

A little while ago Dave handed me two envelopes & said "open the top one first." It was a "Mommy" mothers day card from Ollie. I said "but my baby is'nt hee to give me this card" & Dave told me to open the other envelope. It said---
"Mommy, Happy mothers day! Even though daddy is writing this, he's writing thoughts that I'm sending him. I'm sorry that I can't be there smothering you with kisses, but all the love of my heart & soul are right there with you. God gave you my body so that I could show you my love, & do things to make you laugh & feel happy."
"I talked to God & I asked Him why He did'nt let me spend a full life with you & daddy. He explained that he made a mistake. Then He needed the type of dog that could show all of this love. He picked me. Unfortunatly, the heart was so full of love that it was too big for my body. He didn't want me to die at birth & let all of that love go to waste, so He let me live knowing that I would not have a long life."
"Now He had a new problem, finding people that would love me. 2 people who would be strong enoug to love me, & still want me with all of the problems that I would have towards the end of my life. He started searching. He saw you & daddy, & he knew that you had been through some tough times with you being in the hospital & everything. Then you had your terrible accident in 1990. Even though daddy loved you, you needed a companion who would be with you at your side al of the time to help you to forget about your problems. Out of all of the billions of people in the world, he picked you & daddy to be my parents, & he couldn't have picked better ones than you 2."
"Someday we will all be together again. For you it may seem like a very long time, but don't worry about me, time here means nothing. Just think of me being happy & feeling healthy. Even though time does not mean anything here, I still miss you all of the time & I love you very much. You & daddy still have a lot of love to give before you can join me. The problem is, I can see you, but you can't see me on mother's day. Well maybe you can with daddys help. STOP! Don't go to the next page yet!"

At this point in time, Dave put a tape in the VCR & pushed play--it was a tape of Ollie outside last fall playing catch with Dave & I. She looked so much better! Even though her heart problems were being treated then, they were under control & she was running, playing, breathing fine, & she looked happy. We watched the tape twice, & then I read the last page of my letter. It said---
"You can see how much better I felt back then, even though I was having problems. Its just that nobody wanted to give up. I kept trying to act like a puppy & do things that I could'nt do anymore. You & daddy kept hoping & praying for a miracle that would let you have me for a few more years, but it was not meant to be. Just keep on loving me & thinking of me, & when you are sad, put in the tape & see us all happy."
"Don't worry about getting another puppy. You & daddy still have a lot of love left to give, & remember, that puppy will still be my sister, & someday, maybe a brother. Just remember that I love you 2 very much, & I always will. Sorry daddy, but today 90% of my love goes to mommy & only 10% to you. Tommorrow it will be equal again, & your turn will come on Father's day."
"Again mommy, happy mother's day. My love is with you & daddy every minute of your lives."

I love you,
Your little girl

May 11, 1999

To my dear friends "Ollie's Angels",
As I have told you, words cannot begin to express my feelings towards "Ollie's Angels"--each & every one of you has touched my life in a very special way. And if it had not been for you, we would probably have lost our Ollie in October. But you opened your hearts & your wallets to a total stranger to help Ollie, & because of you, we were able to love her for many months longer than we would have been able to without your help & support. I have made some of the dearest friends, & I truly love each one of you.

I spoke to Pebbs & a few of the other Ollie's Angels who also believe this & think that the good things that Ollie's Angels started should be continued in memory of Ollie--to help others like Ollie that need help. Ollie would have liked a donation to either Boston Rescue, or United Animal Nations (since they gave her the grant to help pay Cornell) Ollie would be pleased (& I would love it) if the kindness of Ollie's Angels could carry on in her memory to help others in need.

So, if you or anyone alse who reads this and is touched by Ollie's Story would like to make a donation please direct it to:

BARC-Boston Allied Rescue Connection
c/oMichele Foran, Treasurer
920 Pelhamdale Apt C2A
Pelham Manor
NY, 10803


United Animal Nations
P.O. Box 188890
Sacramento, California 95818
ATTENTION: PAM--"In memory of Ollie"

Either way, your are going to help a doggie in need!!!

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to all who have sent donations to Ollie's vet or are going to send donations to one of the organizations above.

There is a web site called Bostons in Common where boston terrier owners post messages, pray for sick animals, etc. This great bunch of people were sending checks to Ollie's vet to help with her bills, sending calling cards to me so that I could make long distance calls to vets. I call these great people "Ollie's Angels" on earth, & I even have an e-mail address for them.

Ollie's Sno Globe e-mailOllie loved to get encouraging e-mail!
Even though she isn't around anymore in person,
you might have a few words for her parents.
Ollie the Boston Terrier

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