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I love dogs! So I decided to make a page about them. It started off small with barely any information but has slowly grown and grown. I hope to continue adding things to this page in the hopes that I make this a great resource for all dog lovers alike. If you have any suggestion or comments, please email me. Thanks.

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"Spay Day USA," the campaign to save the lives of millions of cats and dogs, will take place on Tuesday, February 24, 2004. This is a national campaign, sponsored by the Doris Day Animal League. "During Spay Day USA 2003, an estimated 225,000 companion and feral animals (including at least 92 rabbits, 20 ferrets, and 5 horses!) were spayed or neutered nationwide. This brings Spay Day USAís nine-year total to more than one million animals!" - SDUSA. Those interested can receive an Action Pack by contacting DDAL at 202-546-1761 or by e-mailing their request, with their name and address, to Please help if you can!

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I am now offering many awards and as I see fit, adding more.
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Kerry Blue Terriers - Funnies

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The above site is the best site in the world!!

This is a good site even if you don't own golden retrievers. It has this cool test to see how smart your dog is. You really should visit it.

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This is a very, very good site about pugs although has some good information even if you don't own pugs.


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