Rocket's Newest Neighbors

This summer some new doggie friends have moved in next door to Rocket. All have them have visited at some time or another but now are mostly penned up in their back yard due to circumstances they choose not to control. ;-)

You have all met Shadow and Yogi.
Here are some photos of his new buddies.


Daisy is Rocket's new girlfriend. She is 8 years old (he likes older women) and had a grand time digging up the dirt all around the pond until my dear husband caught a glimpse of the damage. Daisy now must stay home and let Rocket visit her.

This is Daisy's brother Duke. He loves to fetch all the time except for those moments when chewing the retrieved stick wins out. He is a devilishly naughty boy when it comes to walks. Take your eyes off him for minute and he sneaks away and heads into town. He has been to town many times. So now he too is stuck in the back yard at home.
Jetta getting ready to jump LilyLily (the black lab) and Jetta, her sister are Yogi's younger siblings. They are 10 months old in this photo and hard to keep out of the water. Lily is an escape artist with routes yet to be found and eliminated. In fact Lily escaped last week with Yogi and Jetta but while they returned, Lily went exploring and was gone for 2 days until Rocket and I found her nearly 3 miles away looking lost and forlorn. She has not tried to escape since. Jetta learned to climb the 4 foot fence. She has since been thwarted by a wood ledge placed along the top but now her newly arrived brother Boo Bear has taught her how to jump it too.
Jetta and Lily in the back swimming.Another lovely shot of the puppies and their older roommate Duke.

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Created on ... August 25, 2004