Yup, in 2005 Rocket got himself a little sister!


Luna was born September 11, 2005 about a mile from my home. She was one of 8 yellow lab puppies born to Jetta and Toby, a yellow male that has since been adopted out. She is small like her mother but feisty and generally a pawful for Rocket. It took him some time to warm up to her but it's starting to look like they'll be fast friends. At least Luna thinks so. Here's a photo of Luna as a mere youngster snoozing peacefully in my arms. Little Luna

New Arrival


Enjoying her new home.

In this photo Luna is a about 2 months old and fairly new to her new home. She still has blue eyes which have since turned yellow/brown.

Soon after arriving Luna asserted her "dominance" by informing Rocket his bed was now hers even though at this point she still spent her nights in her crate.
Also, all of his toys were hers. This bunny has been Rocket's favorite since he was a puppy. She has claimed it as her own. Any time he tries to play with it or any of his other toys she rushes over and takes it back. It's possible Rocket does not want to risk hurting her so he lets her get away with it. Either that or he's a wimp. We'll see what happens when she's older! Rocket's favorite leopard spotted bunny
Am I not the cutest thing!?

In the beginning she liked sleeping and hiding under low surfaces like my ottoman. I tossed a throw over it to make a little cave for her. She is too large for this anymore and prefers sleeping in the dirty laundry.


Friends Yet?

A few of these photos were taken at Yogi's house. This is where Rocket first started to appreciate Luna, (since he saw everyone else getting along with her). Yogi and Shadow live next door, and their cousin Tank is staying with them for a little while. They think she is just great!

Rocket, still unsure who this interloper is and how can he get rid of her?
Get me out of here!

Here is Luna wrestling with her best buddy Tank another wrestling photo

Had enough yet?

More Luna

Having a howling good time. Here both Rocket and Luna seem to be getting along quite well over at Yogi's house. This is a little musical interlude in the middle of doggie wrestling mayhem.

Even More Photos!

Winter 2005

Checking out her Christmas stocking. There aren't really any more photos of my pups opening gifts, they just didn't "get it." A good smelling stocking!


time for a nap Relaxing after a hard day opening presents.


Winter Fun in the Snow

a short breather is taken

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