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Well Dad finally bought Mom this scanner thing and she spent all weekend playing with it. People wanted to see more pictures of me! Well hey! I am a handsome fellow!

This is Rocket on Oct 17, 1997, less than a week after I brought him home. He's almost 9 weeks old and his eyes are still blue.


This is Rocket and his cousin Amos on the farm in Michigan Thanksgiving Day 1998.


Rocket and Smokey enjoying after Christmas bones at our old home in Virginia. Dec 26, 1998


Rocket in the woods behind our Virginia house, winter 98/99.


Rocket found his new pool to be a tight squeeze, but he loves it anyway and we took it all the way to our new home in Michigan.

April 1999


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These are Mom's photographs and can not be used without permission. Please email and ask first, she's very friendly. "Woof!"
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