Classification of Horses

The Basic Classification of Horses

Ponies: less than 58 inches (14.2 hands) high, a sturdy build, and shorther legs in relation to the size of the body. Examples: Shetland pony, Falabella, and Caspian.

Light/Sports Horses: smaller and trimmer than the draft/work horses; used for ranch work, riding, hunting, racing, showing, jumping, eventing, etc.; a large and varied group of equines with the ever-growing number of new breeds. Examples: the Arabian, the American saddle horse, and the Morgan.

Draft/Work Horses: larger and sturdier than the ponies and light/sport horses, some have stood at over seven feet at the shoulder (21.1 hands) and have weighed over a ton; used for pulling heavy laods and for farm labor; were used as knights' chargers in medieval times. Examples: the Clydesdale, Belgian, and Shire.