Ragdoll's Tango of Sourwood
(CH. Millamor's Dance of Sourwood x Great Elms Sweet Mandy)


My name is Ralph. My friends and I want to welcome you to our page.
  We are part of "Little" Ragdoll's Pomeranians.

"Little" Ragdoll's is part of a dream (coming true) for Michael and Shalon Parrott.  We are located in Mississippi, where we have some mighty hot summers!  While we are still "young" in our years in Poms (6 years as of 1998) we strive for quality and conformation to the breed standard with every planned litter.  We are small in size and will probably stay that way, as a few in quality are worth much more than many in quantity to us.  Our dogs lines are based on the wonderful Great Elms line by Ruth Beam.  While we do have some champions here, we are on our way to having a brother and sister litter of our own finish their championships.  These two were proudly bred by ourselves.

The  "kids" of course are AKC registered, and we belong to the Desoto Trails Kennel Club.  I (Shalon) have held the position of Vice President, and am currently holding the position of  Public Relations/Education Coordinator.  We have plans in the near future to apply for our American Pomeranian Club membership. 
Oh... Ralph wanted me to tell you that they do share their house with their buddy Josh and his Cocker Spaniel "Destiny" and the resident white ring necked Dove "Snowball".  Because he is a proud dad, he wanted to include pictures of his two kids mentioned previously, Ragdoll's Baterys not 'Ncluded "Kirby" and Ragdoll's No Assembly Requir'd "Gizmo" out of Ragdoll's Tango of Sourwood x Nora Gail of Lenette. 

Ragdoll's Baterys Not 'Ncluded

Ragdoll's No Assembly Requir'd

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Please email us anytime.  Mike is what we affectionately call "computer challenged", so you will usually get me.  I love to "talk" about the Poms with everyone, and would be glad to discuss pedigree's etc.

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