What is The Equine Barn?

The Equine Barn is a website with information on different breeds of horses. The purpose is to teach people about the different breeds of Equus. Also provided are links to websites that have to do with these breeds, in hope to bring together breeders, owners, and trainers, with people that maybe are interested in this breed of horse. The other purpose of The Equine Barn is a bit more complicated. Even though the Equine Barn shows differences between breeds, if you really look, you will learn that what is written about each breed isn't really all that different. Throughout my years of horse ownership, I have encountered people who say "Oh, Morgans are the best." "Arabs are airheads." "Appaloosas are mean." "Thoroughbreds are hard to handle." "Quarter Horses are the greatest." Yet, in each little ring of breed fanciers, they believe that their breed is the best. So, my way of thinking is that, if every person who likes a particular breed of horse thinks that breed is the best, shouldn't that mean that they all are? Example:
Quarter Horse fanciers say Quarter Horses are the best.
Appaloosa lovers say Appaloosas are the best.
Arabian lovers say that Arabians are the best.
And so on and so on. So, if every breed is the best, then aren't they all great? My hope is to bring together people who love different breeds. Not to make one giant breed, no, not at all. But to put aside their differences, and get along with one another. Because, after all, the horses don't care if their best stablemate friend is an Appaloosa, and they are Thoroughbreds. Why should we?