Win My Awards!

Your site must be child safe, no dead links, broken graphics, or be just about links. It must be pleasing to the eye. Levels are rated 1-10, 1 being easiest, 10 being hardest.

This is the Best Of Show Award. It is awarded to great sites that promote horses. This is a level 9 award!

I will fix the text on this award, don't worry!
This award is for Appaloosa sites. I want to award people who promote Appaloosas, mostly because I have heard many people say bad things about Appalosas to other people. I have Apps and what they say just blows my mind. So this award is for people, like me, who love their Apps no matter what others say! This is a level 1 award.

This award is for great equine websites. It is a level 5 award.

The next award is for any site (child-safe) that celebrates the beauty of horses. This is my main award.

I also offer a Grand Website Award. It is a level 10. I don't have it pictured though. You can not apply for this award. I only give it out!