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HI! Welcome to our humble home! This likeness of me was

made by a dear friend of mine, The Highly Entertaining Diva! If you'd like one

for yourself, please click on me to go to her site! :-). Try not to tickle too much,

though! LOL

If you're a first time visitor, let it be known that I'm a tried and true cat

fanatic! I'm doing my best to make this site the best I possibly can. The Herd

extends a paw & dips their heads in deference to your bravery in taking all of

them on! :-)

For those of you who are return visitors, welcome back! Hopefully you'll

like the newest updates and come back for more! The "kids" are rolling in

ecstacy at your return! :-)

Update: Sadly, I've just about blown my space allotment and definitely

my bandwidth, now. Until I can manage to get more web space, The site is

going to have to stay as is...half done! :-( I do hope you still find it fun and

useful, though and I'll be trying to get it moved as soon as possible! We hope

you enjoy yourself, here! We appreciate your visits and your letters!!

By the way, just as a sideline...a large group of cats is actually called a

"clowder" and a group of kittens is called a "kindle." I didn't know this

when my feline family grew to the point where I started calling them

"The Herd."

At the same time though, I just don't think that the title "Cats Unlimited!

Home of 'The Clowder'" has quite the same ring to it! Do you? LOL :-)

Don't forget to visit the Herd! They'll be heartbroken if you leave

without giving them some lovin'!

Thanks so much for coming!!! :-)



If you get tired, take a load off!

There's always room for one more!



Click on the Herd to move on but please not

before checking out the banners below! :-)

cats and yarn

Give your pet some extra loving today!

The results are well worth the time spent! :-)

This banner belongs to another dear friend of mine, Maxella.

She has a topsite list for cat related sites.

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