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"The Saint"

'Just call me Cleo'

I'm Cleo my brother Tut and I, came from the local animal shelter. Mom adopted both of us, we were extremely sick and they were going to put us both down. Mom (thank goodness) rescued us both and took us to her vet and they fixed us. Tut my brother was a beautiful gray kitty he had something called Feline Luekemia and only lived 2 years, they were a very happy 2 years though. He was a real little trouble maker, one day he jumped through the sky light in the bathroom pushing the screen out and wound up on the roof. Mom had to call a friend and ask them to come over with a ladder to get him down! I still miss my brother Tut, but I know he's not sick anymore and he's at the rainbow bridge (causing all kinds of trouble no doubt), waiting for the rest of us...



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