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Heidi here 'the real and only boss'
I'm Heidi,
the 'Real Boss around here'

Hi, my name is Heidi, and you've probably already met that gang of furballs that live here in my house with me. They think they run the place but I really am the head honcho around here. After all I am a pure bred German Shorthair Pointer.

When Mom came to the place where I lived with my mother and father and brothers and sisters I knew right away she was the one I wanted, so I ran right up to her rolled over and looked adorable, then I licked her hands and face and I knew I had her right where I wanted her. The guy that she got me from told Mom that we German Shorthairs were known for killing cats (I asked myself, what is a cat? never saw one).

Well on the ride home Mom explained all about the guys at home and how I had to love them, be nice to them and not hurt any of them or I would be in big trouble. Well, I thought, no problem. Until I got there, WOW what a group, wasn't sure what they were at first, had to smell them all, look them over, they sure looked like something I would like to chase but Mom said NO. Well, after a while I got used to them and even started liking them (wouldn't tell them that though, they have big enough heads as it is).

That little one Hapi, she sure does love to wash me all over, thinks I can't do it myself. Truth is I let her think that because it feels so good just to let her do it. Only time I get away from them is when we go to our cabin in Potter Co. and they have to stay at home and only I get to go. Then I had to go and find that nest of kittens and of course Mom had to bring one home (my bud Hapi), me and my big nose, can't seem to keep it out of places it shouldn't be. But that's okay, the poor little thing was really tiny and cute and nobody would let her eat so Mom took care of that right away.

I do love to go hunting, Mom has some friends that take me in their truck and she says I am a hussy because as soon as I see the guys, a truck and the guns I am ready to leave her behind and head for the woods. Well, after all that is what I was born and bred for and it is great fun. Love going pheasant hunting, chasing groundhogs (have caught a couple of them) and once, up at the cabin, I even chased a deer out of the creek and ran after her till Mom made me come back. We do a lot of running in the woods up there, but I am real careful when Mom is with me, never let her out of my sight. After all it is my job to protect her and you never know what might be out there. Do a good job of protecting her and the gang at home too, never let anybody in unless she says it is okay.

Love it when those grandchildren of hers come over, kids are always dropping food and I just gobble up whatever they leave behind.

Mom has been feeding this stray cat on our front porch and I thought since it was outdoors it was okay to chase her but boy did I get a talking to. Mom says you never chase cats, no matter where you see them, so now I try to make friends with any cats I see. Boy that can be tough sometimes, they don't understand that I live with 10 of them and really do like them.

I am spoiled just like the rest of the gang here, Mom sure does love us all and she takes real good care of us. I have to watch that Neffy though, anytime Mom leaves the door open for me to go out, that darn cat thinks it is okay for her to go out. Have had to chase her back in the house a few times before Mom found out and gave us both the dickens. Mom says if Neffy goes out when I am out there I am to scoot her back into the house. Well, that's okay for her to say but that cat thinks she is a Queen and doesn't have to listen to anybody.

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed meeting my family, please stop by again anytime, and send Mom some e-mail (she loves to get that stuff) and let her know what you think of all of us. Can't understand why she wants to play on that computer all the time, doesn't look like much fun to me but I guess she enjoys it. So please send her some mail about us and keep her happy!! Gotta go, it's wash time....


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