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"Alley Cat"

Haven't You Got Enough Yet, This Should Stop Ya
Sticking my tongue out should put a stop to this Photo Session!
Gus and Seti On The Stove
Sure is nice of Mom to keep this stove toasty warm for us!
3 Kitties On Couch
See no, Hear no, Do no!!
Bast Or Isis? 'Can you tell?'
I know I'm beautiful, but it would be nice to get one nap without someone Ooouuuuing and Aaahhhhing over me!
Geeeeezzz... can't a kitty get any privacy around here!?!
What's not to Love?
 Kitties On Chair By The Stairs, there's 3 can you find them all?
There's 3 REAL kitties on this chair, can you find them all?
 Kitties On Chair Close-Up
Just one big happy fur family...
Grubs On!!
Chow time ... Come and get it!!
Gus Being Good??
Probably the only picture you'll ever get of Gus being good...
Hapi On The Stairs
Nobody can see me here, I'm completely invisible!
Hummmm what can I get into now?!!
Hummm Wonder If Neffy Left Anything?
Dare I sneak a bite of Neffy's dinner?
The Queen On The Couch
Better take a quick survey of the domain, good enough back to sleep...
Seti Pretty In Green!
What can I say, I'm just adorable!
And Last But Not Least!

HEIDI (the D*g)
Heidi "Sometimes I just don't know how I put up with it"!!
The D*g




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