Meet Grace - Rescued April 4, 2002
Grace, a severely neglected dog, is now spending her third week at the vet. At fifty pounds she is 40 to 60 pounds underweight with sores on her skin, hair loss, and infection in her blood. She is eating a little in several feedings daily to prevent vomiting. She has some nerve involvement which causes mild facial tics that we think will get better.
She has had no life except on the end of chain. She's in very low spirits as you can imagine. She is presently living in the isolation room at the vets. It is their xray room. No windows. It's very depressing to visit her although she always wags her tail when anyone comes in.
This is what Grace looked like when she was first rescued. Even now, after two weeks, she has only gained three pounds. She stands for short periods of time, then falls down.
If she makes it, she will need a very special home with extra special love. She deserves this too, as she is extremely sweet and loving. She will pass up food treats for pats.

UPDATE APRIL 24, 2002 - We visited Grace yesterday. The vet said she has gained 13 pounds which puts her at 63 pounds. She looks much worse in person than what her pictures portray. Her hip and rib bones are still protruding...a LOT!. She isn't falling down but her legs tremble and her head kind of bobs, almost like she had palsy. She was much worse off than I had imagined.

Her temperament appears to be VERY sweet. I got some face kisses, and she likes to tuck her head between your arm and body. She may be trying to prop herself up, but she does appear to have a wonderful temperament.

Grace can go home now. The problem is we have no appropriate local home to place her in, even temporarily. She can't manage steps or be around young, playful dogs. She needs a stay at home Mom or Dad because she will have to be helped outside to potty, and she will need several feedings a day. If anyone can foster Grace until she is well please call Peggy at 740-532-4300 or email her at I feel this is a critical situation since Grace is living in a windowless room at the vet. She needs fresh air and sunshine and attention. Please, Grace.

UPDATE - April 25, 2002 My very sweet and wonderful neighbor has agreed to foster Grace. Now if her Dudley will just behave himself, all will be well. Dudley is a Jack Russell mix with a big attitude. Katie can give Grace all the care she needs, and she is wonderful with all animals, so if Grace has a chance...this is it. Grace will be coming here today and I will update tonight.

I have been told that Grace looks a lot like a Belgian Malinois. After looking at some pictures I agree. If she is a Belgian Malinois she will be very smart and trainable.

UPDATE - April 25, 2002 - Grace is dpoing wonderful in her foster home. She is living with 3 smaller dogs, several cats, and two teenagers. She LOVED being out in the grass for the first time in her miserable life (she lived chained outside with no shelter until she was rescued). She actually romped and ran in the grass today. She is a people loving dog and will make someone a wonderful companion.

Seeing her outside it is obvious that she is a St. Bernard mix, possibly mixed with Belgian Malinois, golden retriever, or German Shepherd. This is a VERY big dog.

New pictures will be added next weekend.

UPDATE - May 2, 2002 - Grace is filling out but is still very, very skinny. She comes when called, knows "stay", and is housetrained. She gets along fine with three smaller dogs and all the cats but first and foremost SHE LOVES PEOPLE! She will need a home where she will get lots and lots of attention. Grace's head is still bobbing and she is still wobbly in the legs but she can gallop around the yard with no trouble. She hasn't been weighed since she left the vet but she MUST weigh about 75 or 80 pounds by now. She is 25 inches at the withers which is just one half inch shy of what a purebred St. Bernard would be.

UPDATE - May 11, 2002 - Today Grace went to her new home in Indiana. She will live on a farm with three dogs, two horses, several cats, and two wonderful guardians. Grace will be a part of the family and live in the house. We took pictures today (finally) but just with an ordinary camera, so give us a while to post them. Grace's new family has promised pictures and updates.

Thanks to everyone who helped to get the word out about Grace. It was your help that made the difference for her and got her noticed by wonderful people who will take excellent care of our Grace. And thanks especially to Katie who fostered Grace and became very attached to her. I know it was hard for Katie to let her go. Katie's dog Tucker, who had developed a close friendship with Grace, tried to follow the car when Grace left. It takes special people to foster dogs and then say good-bye to them.

Happy Ending


Donations to help care for Grace can be sent to Lawrence County Humane Society, P.O. Box 412, Ironton, Ohio 45638