Request from Lee Wheeler of Hearts United for Animals

The past year has seen many battles in the war against the puppymills. Many of these battles have been won, mills have been closed and hundreds of dogs are safe and enjoying their freedom. There are many battles still raging and there are many to come before the war is finally won and all the dogs are safe and free. We're in the process of formulating the battle plan for the next year and we need your help.

We need info from anyone who has ever purchased a dog from a petstore. We need to know the name of the store and then we need a copy of all paperwork - the AKC or CKC papers, bill of sale and anything that came with the puppy. There's no limitation on dates of the info - any time period is helpful.

Info can be emailed to Lee Wheeler at or mailed to HUA, Box 565, Westtown, PA 19395.

This info is critical to the formulation of our next steps. Please forward this email to every person and email list or group who may be able to help. Thank you for caring about the dogs.

Lee Wheeler, Hearts United for Animals;

There are three kinds of people ...
those who make things happen,
those who watch things happen
and those who wonder what happened.

Please help us make things happen.
You can make a difference!
Please cross-post to everyone you know who loves dogs.

If you are in the Ironton, Ashland, Huntington area and have purchased a pet from any of our local pet stores, please EMAIL an additional copy, or send to Pet Information, 15 Mohawk Trail, Huntington, WV 25705.