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Breed Rescues


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Mystyx Rescue (Ohio)
samoyeds, huskies, malamutes, ferrets

West Virginia Sheltie Rescue

Central Kentucky Boxer Rescue

Beagles R Us (Ohio)

Heart of Ohio Boxer Rescue

Tri-State Collie Rescue

Kentucky Dalmations

Appalachian Mountain
Border Collie Rescue

Great Dane Rescue of Ohio

Ohio Saint Rescue

Tri-State Collie Rescue

Central Ohio Samoyed Rescue

Ryan's Dog Rescue (Ohio)

Ohio GSP Rescue

Harris Farms Rescue (Ohio)

Second Chance German Shepherd Rescue (Ohio)

Wee Widdle Ones Chihuahua and Pug Rescue (Ohio)

Kentucky Chinese Sharpei Rescue

Buckeye Border Collie Rescue