We visited with Sparkle in his new home and found one very happy big boy. He lives in the house and sleeps wherever he wants, although wherever he is, he always joins "Mom" when she gets home from work. He follows her from room to room and barks at the cat if she dares to pet it. Someone is almost always home with Sparkle. He is finally getting the love, care, and attention that he missed most of his life.

His leg, well what can I say....he is crippled, and doesn't use the leg very much...but he seems to be pain free.

Now on to the pictures. You can click on them to see a larger image.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to help Sparkle recover from his terrible ordeal. The money that wasn't used for Sparkle has been placed in a special fund to pay vet bills for abused animals in Lawrence County. The shelter is closing, but the work of the humane society will go on.

Thanks also to Janet Ambrose for transporting Sparkle to and from Columbus, and to Ohio State Veterinary School for taking such good care of Sparkle.


Letter from new Mom:

Sparkle is doing wonderful! He is getting more active every day. He has no trouble with the steps and is running all over the yard! It is so good to see him run and play. He can jump up into my bed now so its pretty crowded with the three of us! I have been giving him a bath once a week in Oatmeal dog shampoo. This helps calm his itchy dry skin. Or should I say "He gives me a bath" !! We all love him very much. My daughter took her cat 'Kaycee' to Colonial Animal Clinic for a check up and they all want to see Sparkle. So we will probably go for a visit this weekend. I just wanted to thank everyone who had any thing to do with Sparkle's recovery...all the donations, personal care, and prayers. He is a special guy. I think he was sent to me from heaven! We were meant to be together! If I had a scanner I would send you some pictures that my brother took at Christmas of Sparkle and my Dad. When you come for a visit I will print them out for you . I will keep in touch. Rhonda