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Puppymill Update

We get many of the publications from the pet breeders industry so that we can keep tabs on what they are doing. A constant refrain that there are very few poor kennels. They claim that the animal welfare organizations are making up stories about the mills. HUA has rescued hundreds of dogs from puppymills in many states. Things have not gotten better. The dogs are not in better condition. The kennels are not in better condition.

Recently HUA rescued 11 dogs from two puppymills in Iowa. Every single one of these dogs had physical and emotional problems. April had an inguinal hernia that was the size of a grapefruit. All of her reproductive tract had fallen into the hernia. Catherine's little paws had been cut on the wires of the cage and she left bloody footprints wherever she walked. Several of the dogs had wounds where the kennel owner had tried to cut off mats of hair and had cut their skin One dog had c-section stitches that were months old. Several had skin conditions. Many had terrible teeth. Many had ear infections. Two had uterine cysts. Two of them had collars that had grown into their necks. Many of them were despondent. They weren't so much afraid of us as they were unaware of us. They were lost in their own world of depression. Lacey sat and barked at the wall for hours. Nine years in a cage had taken her mind. She was adopted by a family and had three weeks of love before she died of congestive heart failure. These dogs are not the exception, they are the rule. You can visit their webpage, see their photos and read their stories at Prisoners of Greed. Click on Iowa 11. While you are at the prisonersofgreed website stop and look at the Gallery of photos of some of the hundreds of dogs who have been rescued from the mills. They tell the truth about the mills.

Our experience tells us that the best way to shut down the mills is by telling the public the truth about the mills. If the public learns that puppies in petstores come from puppymills, they won't buy them and the mills will close. We have created ten posters that can be downloaded from our webpage. The posters have been saved in a pdf format. You can print them on any color printer. We are asking everyone who loves dogs to download these posters and to Paper Our World (with apologies to Chicago for stealing their lyrics). Please hang these posters in libraries, vets, doctors offices, dentists, schools, colleges, post offices, businesses, grocery stores. There are public bulletin boards all over. Get creative. Go to Prisoners of Greed. Click on Posters. (We like Poster10 best.) Thank you!

In 2002 HUA commissioned Information Analytics to run a survey to determine public opinion about commercial kennels. The results of that survey are in and we have posted them on our website at Click on Commercial Kennel Survey. These results have already been distributed to some legislators and will be given to more shortly.

To give people more facts and figures about puppymills, HUA has created a thirty page booklet. You can download the booklet at our website at Click on Mill Booklet. We are working on creating an advertising campaign. We asked for help to gather information on ad prices and received over 1000 emails. We are still working on this project and will be getting back to everyone. We did not expect such an enormous response. Thank you so much for your kindness.