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Long Long time ago, back in the Victorian Days, calling cards were very popular. They were given as a sign of friendship. Today on the internet, calling cards have made a huge come back!

These are my gifs to you! You may choose the one you want, and right click to save. Then upload to your file manager and use them in guest books or send them to your friends in email. To use them in guestbooks, you have to have them uploaded to your file manager. Then you leave the full address to the image.
Such as
< img src="//www.oocities.org/Petsburgh/Farm/1162/xpark1.jpg" >

You do not have to give me credit but please if you change these images, leave the SweetPets on the image so folks will know where you got your calling card from. You may link to this page if you wish. I would be grateful. Enjoy and feel free to add your name to the calling card of your choice!

Calling Cards From SweetPets

Card One

Card Two

Card Three

Card Four

Card Five

Card Six

Card Seven

Card Eight

Card Nine

Card Ten

Would you like me to add your name to the card? Just fill out the form and tell me what card you would like and what you want the card to say. PLEASE Just add a name to the card! I can't fit much on the little cards :)

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3) Select the Card you want!

If you dont like the ones you see here and would like something else just fill out the form found here FORM and I will do my best to make one you like!

Thanks for being number
Created by Barb 1998, 1999, 2000