King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Plot Summary

Prince Alexander walks inland, and finds a magnificent castle, guarded by talking dogs. He learns that he has come to the main island of the Land of the Green Isles, The Isle of the Crown, and after proving his identity he is allowed an audience with the ruler of the land, Vizier Abdul Alhazred. The vizier tells Alexander that he cannot be granted to meet the princess, as she is currently in mourning of her recently deceased parents, and that he will marry her shortly. The vizier also tells Alexander to leave the island and warns him sternly not to try seeing Princess Cassima again.

Confused and disappointed by this news, Alexander leaves the castle, but just cannot shake off the feeling that something is wrong. He goes to the nearby town where he meets a couple of more friendly characters. He learns that the ferry used to travel between the different islands of the land is broken, but obtains a magic map that enables him to go to the other islands. On every island he meets trouble, as the vizier's genie has prepared traps for him. But he manages to get away from the dangers and gets acquaintedd with the rulers of each island. It turns out that every island has lost its most valuable treasure, and they each blame one of the other islands. Alexander understands that Cassima has become a prisoner of the vizier and starts to plan a way of stopping their marriage. He befriends the vizier's clown, Jollo, and he promises to help Alexander. He then fakes his own death and with the help of a magical spell he manages to travel to the Land of the Dead, where he meets the ghosts of Cassima's parents, King Caliphim and Queen Allaria. They were murdered in their sleep by the evil vizier. Alexander wins a challenge against Death himself, and Cassima's parents are returned to life. Then he sneaks into the castle where he finds out that the vizier is a member of something called the Black Cloak Society and was a friend of Mordack. He also finds the treasures of all the other islands and understands that it was the vizier who stole them in a plot to make sure he would have complete control them as their new ruler. Alexander then manages to stop the wedding of the vizier and the princess, where it turns out that the princess at the wedding is fake and is really Alhazred's genie. The vizier tries to escape, but Alexander runs after him and defeats him in a swordfight. A couple of weeks later, Alexander and Cassima are wed and her parents decide to leave the throne, making Alexander the new king of the Land of the Green Isles.

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