Think you understand Petz genetics?  Try to figure out what breedz are in each of these mixed breed Petz.  They are the original 15 breedz only.  Scroll to the bottom for the answers. ;-) (No cheating!)

A. 2 breedz
B. 4 breedz
C. 4 breedz
D. 3 breedz
E. 2 breedz
F. 3 breedz
G. 2 breedz
H. 2 breedz
I. 2 breedz
J. 5 breedz
K. 2 breedz
L. 4 breedz
M. 2 breedz
N. 3 breedz
O. 4 breedz
P. 2 breedz
Q. 3 breedz
R. 2 breedz
S. 2 breedz
T. 2 breedz

A. Chihuahua, German Shepherd
B. Great Dane, Dalmatian, Poodle, Pug
C. Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Mutt, Scottie
D. Sheepdog, Dachshund, Papillon
E. Papillon, Golden Retriever
F. Mutt, Poodle, Sheepdog
G. Great Dane, Poodle
H. Sheepdog, Great Dane
I. Chihuahua, Dachshund
J. Mutt, Scottie, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Poodle
K. Calico, Chinchilla Persian
L. Orange Shorthair, Russian Blue, Desert Lynx, Honey Bear
M. Persian, Egyptian Mau
N. Siamese, Tabby, Scottish Fold
O. Calico, Chinchilla Persian, Alley Cat, Maine Coon
P. Siamese, Maine Coon
Q. Siamese, Persian, Chinchilla Persian
R. Tabby, Persian
S. Russian Blue, B&W Shorthair
T. Alley Cat, Chinchilla Persian

How'd you do?  
3 or less wrong = Master of petz genetics
4 to 7 wrong = Head of the class
8 to 12 wrong = Averagestudent
13 to 17 wrong = Need improvement
18+ wrong = You just don't get it