Photography, My Hobby

Photography has been one of my passions since the age of 15. When my father bought me a Mamiya Sekor photo SLR, I used it for aviation photography. Needless to say, at fifteen, I was no Ansell Adams. But I did take a few interesting shots while at the Abbotsford International Airshow.

Now, I am gravitating towards digital photography as a medium and am finding that it is one expensive hobby. For now I am subsisting with my Nikon E2200 which I have taken many shots with. Almost 1680 shots to be precise, not all of them being photographic quality.

These pages will give you a pictorial history of my photographic endeavors and what I feel is photographically worth it to preserve of my efforts on-line for others to look at.

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Shots with Agfa Ephoto780c

Photos with Nikon E2200

Architectural Photography, My Profession and Specialty

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