If you plan to build or buy a home in any of the hurricane prone areas of the world, this site is required reading!!

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew slammed into the United States causing an estimated 22 billion dollars in damage. This served as a wake up call to the building industry, emergency management people, insurance companies and the general public.
A complete review of what went wrong and what could be done to minimize the destruction and suffering caused by hurricanes was launched and is evolving even today.
The net result of all this was a realization that building codes, enforcement, and products were in serious need of improvements.
The Miami Dade Code and Compliance Office began an intense certification, testing and inspection program that addressed every aspect of the building industry in Dade County Florida and has evolved into the benchmark by which virtually all other standards are measured.
This site is intended to provide an easily accessible insight to all of this. Information on the codes, the storms, the damage, the insurance issues and the products.
I receive no compensation for this site. It is intended as an information resource. If you don't find what you need e-mail me and I'll do my best to get you an answer.
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