Solo Ndimande

Solo Ndimande Interview - LADUMA SOCCER (08/04/1999)

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Where were you born? : I was born in Umlazi, just outside Durban
Are you married? : No, but I am planning to tie the knot though it is still to early to tell.
At what stage did you start kicking a soccer ball? : I was five years old when I started kicking a soccer ball.
Where do you live and who does the cooking? : At Umlazi, my mother does the cooking for us

Who are your favourite local and international musicians? : Bayete and LSG
What is your favourite car? : Ford Laser 1600i Sport
What motivates you to wake up early in the morning? : To find out that I am still alive.
What event in your life have brought you the most happiest memories? : Winning games makes the happiest memories.
And your worst memories? : Losing in our last CAF Champions Game.
What are your best qualities? : I am a sensitive and calm person
And your weaknesses in general? : I'm very shy
Which radio station do you listen to? : Radio Metro, because it plays good music and dishes us with up-to-date Sports News.
Who is the first person you turn to for advice? : My coach and my mother.
Tell us about your first date? : Well, I cant remember what really happened because I was so nervous. I dont even know where I started.
What about your true love? : I have a true love and everything is going well and smoothly.
Best advice that your mother ever gave you? : To be the best in whatever I do.
If you were the State President, what do you think you would do? : I would serve the nation with honesty.
Something that you would hate to be without? : My family
Who would be your ideal dinner guest? : Our President, Nelson Rohihla Mandela.
How would you describe yourself? : I am shy and calm.

Tell us something about your best soccer memory? : I was playing soccer just for fun when I started, but many people convincedme to make it my career, because they say thats where my talent lies.
Who did you play for before joining Manning Rangers? : Banana City and Amazulu
And how did you join the Mighty Maulers? : We were playing a friendly against Manning Rangers when the management approached me to play for them.
What is your greatest fear in life and in your soccer career? : Getting a severe injury or being crippled for the rest of my life.
Who is the greatest footballer that Shouth Africa has ever had, and why? : Jomo Sono, there is no need to explain, because he has done all that can be done in order to be judged as the greatest footballer in the this country.
Which side would like most to beat? : Kaizer Chiefs is the only side. I always play above myself in order to beat them. It feels great to be on the winning side against them.
Who has been the biggest influences on your career? : My mother and my uncle, Cedric Ncwana.
What do your regard as the highlights of your career? : Winning the Premiership in the 1996/97 season.
How long have you been playing for Manning Rangers? : Six years now with the Maulers.
What do you do before a big match? : I just relax and think about the game.
What do you like and dont you like about football as a career? : Fair play and negative critiscism.
What kind of dedication does it take to have a career in football? : You must have the right frame of mind and enjoy the game.
What changes would you like to see being implemented in South African football? : I think if something could be done to get refereeing in this country in order I would be a happy man.
Where would you like to be in five years time? : Among the best players in South African football.
Is it a myth or a fact to you that sex is taboo before a big game? : No, its just a myth. It does'nt affect my performance.
What is your advice to aspiring youngsters who would like to emulate you? : Believe in yourself and never give up. Always think positively about football.
What are your views opn drugs and muti usage in football? : Drugs and muti are not good for the game. Because football is a game of fair play and one needs to give the best of oneself.
If you were not a professional footballer, what would be doing? : I would be working somewhere in the corporate world as a Public Administrator.
How would you always like to be remembered ? : As one saying that people should stay away from drugs, train hard and go to school.