Frank Lloyd Wright is an American most famous Architecs known around the world. His thoughts have influenced many young Architects  not only in America but also in many  other countries. One important virtue of Wright is that of establishing the entire relationship, transition and communication between two kinds of environment: the artificial environment  and the natural one without harming each other. Chicago City was the place where Wright started his splendid career. Therefore, most of his architectural works can be seen in this place.
2. The interior design as well as the exterior of Wrighter's works are known by its combination between the natural environment and the artificial one. Form example, in thihs picture it is shown this combination by the green plants and by the brown colors of the wood's windows, doors, and forniture.
 In this picture (left), three elements were strongly joined together: the sky, the house and the forest. Frank Lloyd Wright was interested in this communication between natural environment and this one artificial.
Some of the Wright's ideas can be seen in many architectural projects of contemporary Architects. For example, in this beautiful snow-covered house is present the Wright's experience in treatment of wood, genuine colors. And above all, the parallelism of its covers on differen level are the best example of Wright's style.