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From the Lady InnKeeper --
For those of you who have bookmarked this site and are following our progress,
Please watch this box for updates and announcements ...

As you probably already know, I am not only maintaining this web site,
but I am also the Purchasing Agent and the  primary construction "helper (?)".
Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day, and I get behind ...

We started construction on the carport/workshop addition on Tuesday, May 16, 2000...
The contractor ran off with the required 50% deposit on the contract about five days later!!!  We have had to file
Felony Grand Theft charges against him in an effort to try
to get our money back.   Just another lesson in why a contract is necessary!!!  :O}
For the time being, everything is on "Hold" until we can obtain more funds.
Cinderella BEFORE the ball...
This is where it all begins...
Nobody's Inn is just one of the many homes
built between 1855 and 1930 in the
Southside Historic Residential District
of Palatka, Florida (see map).

Our neighborhood is one of two historic residential neighborhoods
in our rural riverfront city, both of which are listed on

The National Register of Historic Places.
Nobody's Inn, which was built circa 1881,
is a restoration  work-in-progress ...
It is our dream to restore her dignity and integrity.  She deserves it!!!
Our current project includes
insulating,  adding central air/heat conditioning,
removing the concrete shingles to reveal the original clapboards,
and painting the exterior.

The actual work, which was originally scheduled to begin
in October, 1999,
began on February 3, 2000.
  Pages to this  web site will be added as the work progresses...
We will be adding  photographs, giving you explanations,
sharing problems encountered (and their resolutions),
and just generally  involving you in the whole restoration process.
  All this in an effort to share a little bit of history
and perhaps, to help you in
your restoration project...

Please ***Bookmark*** this page now,
so you will be able to return to it often!
Watch for the
icon to quickly find the changes...
Since men don't read maps anyway, this page is for women only. ..
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Here's the stuff you REALLY came for !!!   Cinderella prepares for the ball...
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