How To Drive A Railway Locomotive

A web site for every boy (and a few girls) who ever wanted to be a train driver

By Pete Moss

If your interest is in steam or diesel or electric railways (railroads) then this is a website home page for you. There are no flashy graphics and logos no animated gifs no attempts to look cool or be something it isn't. Just good solid information for the average railway nut (just like me!). How to drive a railway locomotive is just that!! Hopefully it will give some of you armchair drivers and railway (railroad) modellers, model and miniature builders out there, an insight into how the real thing works and maybe, just maybe enough of a push to go looking for opportunities to drive for real; check out our links page for that if you want! Nuff said.........

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In The Beginning

So on with the important stuff ! First of all I make no claim that this site will teach you to drive a train. You can't learn that by reading things. You need to get out and do it! there are plenty of opportunities in the railway preservation, historical society and private railway world for you to do it as a hobby if you really want to (or as a job if you are so inclined), as we said above, check out our links page for that one. I also have to say that any fool who decides to go and borrow a train after reading this, deserves all of the grief and any jail sentence that he gets for doing it!!!. There have been a couple of cases of this sort of stupidity in the last twenty or so years. Fortunately nobody has yet been killed by these idiots (I accept no responsibility for your stupidity if you do it!!).


So what have we got for you!!!

  1. NEW!! Links To Great Railway Web Sites ( including the one already mentioned where you have the chance to drive trains)
  2. Basic Stuff Introduction Plus How To Stop A Train
  3. How Diesel Railway Engines Work (This Page Still Under Construction)
  4. How Railway Braking Systems Work
  5. How To Drive A Diesel Mechanical Multiple Unit

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