+ w e l c o m e +

welcome to the Pill Pals pixel clique! all you need to join PP is a site & an imagination!
+ j o i n +
just follow these fun & easy steps;
1. take & save this set of blank pills 2. draw on it (pixel by pixel) however you want & repeat as many times as you want (hardly anyone can make just 1~they're almost as addictive as real pills ;) the only rule is that they be in .gif format preferably with a transparent background 3. put them on your page using this HTML code (you can tweek it but make sure it links back here) 4. JOIN 5. come back here & browse other member pages for pills you like then add them to your 'pill box'!
+ h i s t o r y +
this is the latest incarnation of PP & hopefully will be the last :P it's original owner let it die with their old domain so since I was a member & loved the idea I decided to take it over :) none of it is my idea-all I did was save it from extinction! ATTENTION OLD MEMBERS: please change the main PP link on your sites to... http://www.oocities.org/pillpalsclique
+ m e m b e r s +

below are links to sites whos owners are already pill pal members! browse their pharmacies & if you like any add them to your pill box (w/ a link back of course ;) you CAN start doing this before you're approved here to save time!