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Peter Gray's J.Edward Oliver comic info
Jack Edward Oliver has helped me and supports this site!!
Jack Edward Oliver has died 26th May 2007
I have met Jack and Liz a few times.......and glad to be called a friend... His wedding to Liz was a happy time with sadness.....the wedding vowels were read out and including me there were we knew then he didn't have long to live.....though when the wedding march came on it made all of us smile and the different versions of 'in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight' was played around the church. I hugged Jack on that day and he told me to tell everyone on the internet when he does die..which was hard to hear...also he still hoped to see me again...though it wasn't to be...glad i last saw him at a nice event...with his friend and family all loving him.

He was really great with Liz and she really brightened up his life. My prayer are with her and the family at this sad time. His Fresco strip were at there best...loved the Dr Who spoofs...I'm gutted there will be no more he was still a super clever funny cartoonist... It made my day when he and Liz came to my wedding party 2 years ago...

I miss him.......God bless you Jack you will always be remembered by me and Carol xx

19th April met Jack and his girlfriend Liz at my Wedding party which really made my day
.....also recieved a special Fresco comic strip which has my name and my wife mentioned........fame at last.....Thanks Peter S for your kind comments....the wedding was a lovely sunny day...I found out from Jack that he not only drew Mastermind and Cliff Hanger he also did the lettering and wrote it......amazing...

9th Feb 2005
A New Buster website has arrived...and very good it is...
Heres the link......see the artist profile of J.Edward Oliver a drawing of himself and Sue Demin who drew Vid Kid.....Sue and Jack could be brother and sister :0) will see what I mean....very funny Jack........

See a year of Mastermind by J.Edward Oliver! June 2005

March 27th 2004
When I met Jack continue...
He has a small dog called Flossie which seemed a nice natured dog...
In his bedroom all around the walls on shelves are lots and lots of puzzle games which Jack has collected over the years...he plays these with a neighbour down the road from him.....well I guessed he was into puzzles with his comic work with lots for readers to solve...but it was a amazing site...hundreds of them!!
Jack has also made some puzzles for his girlfriend to make you smile...remember all those silly fun puzzles on the Whizz-kid and Chip-ite's painting by colour...a picture with one number to colour black..end result a picture at night...examples of this is on this website..It was lovely to see these in 3D they were nicely made...a box of funny props!
Jack discussed that Mastermind's dog Bones the wonder dog was to be called by him Dobbin the dog Wonder..(Robin the boy wonder!) which Jack liked has its a usually a name for a horse though Bob Paynter head of I.P.C Humour comics (Jack still sees him and is friends...Jack may arrange it so I can meet Bob!! I hope so!!) who said Bones is best...oh well!!
When Jack has time he will email me all the explainations for his symbols hidden in the background like the Warthog...etc.. Jack is still working as a free-lance cartoonist if you want him to do something..find his email on
Jack drew me a super Cliff Hanger picture which I have framed...on Cliff's jumper what looks like numbers are actually letters upside down spelling my name Peter.....when I meet Jack again he will add to the picture the Cliff Hanger options A...Peter Bray B...Peter Black C...Peter Gray I'm pleased as punch to own it! Thanks Jack! We chatted for hours...I had beans on toast as I didn't think I'd be staying so long...put 2 cartoonist comic fans together and theres loads to talk about. I suggested to Jack to consider working for The Beano and Dandy..he is interested...if any Beano or Dandy people are reading this here's your man. I had a super time and hope to meet again in June/July!
Here is Blunder Girl from the girls comic Penny!
See Blunder Girl from Penny!

NEW! 19th Feb 2004
NEW! When I met Jack on the 13th Feb 2004...
What an enjoyable day I had meeting Jack..seeing where he worked all these years and interesting conversations! The picture I have of Jack above is still the same drawing board though a better chair for his back!! The drawing board has a moving circle in the middle so he can spin his work around to draw in hard to reach areas! On shelves in his studio he has lots of Sherlock Holmes videos and lots of old records! He has a window to look out of at a nice garden while working. Jack draws very small...most of the time he draws actual reducing pages on photocopy for him he is so detailed in his drawing! He uses a very fine pen to do this..he has a lot trouble with it clogging up...also very expensive the pens he uses...though does save on paper and time!! Much more to type later of when I met Jack!!
6th October 2003 NEW! See The Loon Ranger!

NEW! Also Abolish Tuesdays explained!! Abolish Tuesdays...I've found the answer!!!!!!!!!!!
In Buster and Jackpot 1982 13th Feb the letter page Jack explains all...
Monday is ok... because the memory of the weekend are still fresh in my mind Wednesdays mean that I'm halfway through the working week...Thursday and Friday I can look forward to the weekend... But Tuesdays URGH!...forget it! I like to ban Tuesdays and have two Fridays instead... Well now we all know!!! Peter Gray

See Mastermind and Bones origin in the first 3 stories!NEW! July 26th 2003!

Comic covers by J.Edward OliverNEW COVERS! July 26th 2003!

See Mastermind's Crazy baddies and goodies part 2!NEW! July 26th 2003!

Buster's Mastermind by J.Edward Oliver

The Dandy's My Woozy Dog Snoozy by J.Edward Oliver
With Jack talking about his first comic work!

Puzzles from Busters letter page by J.Edward Oliver

Fun, Fact and Fiction in Whizzer and chips by J.Edward Oliver

Games in Whizzer and chips and Buster by J.Edward Oliver

Wow comic with Tv Quiz kids by J.Edward Oliver

Jack will talk about this soon!

Buster's Cliff Hanger by J.Edward Oliver
Jack talks about Cliff Hanger!

Jackpot's Robin Good by J.Edward Oliver

Buster's Vid Kid by J.Edward Oliver
Jack talks about Vid Kid!

Whizzer and chips..Whizz-kids V's Chip-ites by J.Edward Oliver

Whizzer and chips..The Champ by J.Edward Oliver

Wow competitions (Willie Wheelies..Tommy Tshirt..) by J.Edward Oliver

Whoopee! You're the star by J.Edward Oliver

Chip-ites letter page by J.Edward Oliver

Whizz-kids letter page by J.Edward Oliver

Whoopee! Calculator corner by J.Edward Oliver

Brain Busters by J.Edward Oliver

Jackpot's Teeny Sweeney by J.Edward Oliver

Jack also has done... "Blunder Girl" in "Penny" Will be added soon...I now have an example!
"My Woozy Dog Snoozy" in "The Dandy"! Terrible title: I originally called it "Lazy Hound".

J.Edward Oliver is known for clever puns and puzzles!
In most of his comic work he included small objects in the background...a warthogs head..a box with a handle (A mystery!) A sign saying Abolish Tuseday...ACME object...the initials J.E.O...a worm...two arrows facing opposite ways..later on a small waving hand..sometimes a plaster in a cross shape!
It was like find was great fun trying to find everything..the warthog was the hardest to find! I'll show these items larger another time!

This is the last ever Buster Comic 1960-2000 back cover!
by Jack.Edward Oliver!

I love the small details which you can't see on this scan of the sign saying Abolish Buster...The artist initials on the gravestone J.E.O...Cliff Hanger tracksuit top saying END instead of a number!!!...the box with the handle is broken...the arrow sign which normally point in different directions are facing the same way...I also love in a naughty way Odd Ball popping and Buster with Dennis the Menace hair...What a great tribute by Jack!

Reg Parlett's Buster!!15th Sept 2003

A list of Beano characters!!11th Sept 2003

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