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English Grammar, etc.

Joseph Emerson Worcester, LL. D., 1784-1865. An elementary dictionary of the English language. A new ed., rev. and enl. 400 p. Boston, Swan, Brewer and Tileston, 1860.

John Mulligan, b. 1793. Exposition of the grammatical structure of the English language; being an attempt to furnish an improved method of teaching grammar. For the use of schools and colleges. 574 p., NY, D. Appleton & company, 1874.

John Wilson, 1802-1868. A treatise on English punctuation. With an appendix, containing rules on the use of capitals, a list of abbreviations, hints on the preparation of copy and on proof-reading, specimen of proof-sheet, etc. 28th ed. 334 p. New York, Cincinnati [etc.] American book company [c1871]

Alfred Dwight Sheffield, 1871- . Grammar and thinking, a study of the working conceptions in syntax. 193 p. NY and London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1912.

Henry Augustus Oakley, 1827-1907. Outline of a course of English reading, based on that prepared for the Mercantile library association of the city of New-York, by the late Chancellor Kent, with additions by Chas, King, Ed., with further additions and notes. 120 p. New York, G. P. Putnam and co., 1853.

John Adam Weisse, 1810-1888. Abstract of a new method to analyze the English language and literature. 24 p. New York, Printed by H. Ludwig, 1873.

Rev. James Pycroft, 1813-1895. A course of English reading, adapted to every taste and capacity: with literary anecdotes. 3d ed. 313 p. New York, D. Appleton and co., 1854.

George Payn Quackenbos, 1826-1881. First lessons in composition. 182 p. New York, D. Appleton and company, 1870.

Richard Green Parker, 1798-1869. Aids to English composition, prepared for students of all grades; embracing specimens and examples of school and college exercises and most of the higher departments of English composition, both in prose and verse. 20th ed. 429 p. New York, Harper & brothers, 1863.

Richard Grant White, 1821-1885. Words and their uses, past and present. A study of the English language. 461 p. New York, Sheldon and company, 1872.

William Seymour Tyler, 1810-1897. The theology of the Greek poets. 365 p. Andover, W. F. Draper, 1869.

A new dictionary of quotations from the Greek, Latin, and modern languages. Tr. into English, and occasionally accompanied with illustrations, historical, poetical, and anecdotal. With an extensive index, referring to every important word. By the author of "Live and learn", "The Newspaper and general reader's pocket companion", etc. From the last London ed. 1869. 527 p. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co.

A dictionary of select and popular quotations, which are in daily use: taken from the Latin, French, Greek, Spanish, and Italian languages: together with a copious collection of law-maxims and law-terms translated into English, with illustrations historical and idiomatic. 1873. 6th American ed., cor., with additions. 312 p. Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger.

Lippincott's pronouncing gazetteer. A complete pronouncing gezetteer, or geographical dictionary, of the world. Containing a notice and the pronunciation of the names of nearly one hundred thousand places. With the most recent and authentic information respecting ... every portion of the globe. Edited by J. Thomas, and T. Baldwin, assisted by several other gentlemen. 1856. 218 p. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co.

Alexander Spiers, 1807-1869. Spiers and Surenne's French and English pronouncing dictionary. Newly composed from the French dictionaries of the French academy, Laveaux, Boiste, Bescherelle, Landais, etc., and from the English dictionaries of Johnson, Webster, Worcester, Richardson, etc. Carefully rev., cor., and enl., with the pronunciation according to the system of Surenne's Pronouncing dictionary by G. P. Quackenbos, A. M. 2 v. in 1. New York, D. Appleton & co., 1870.

James Savage, 1784-1873. A genealogical dictionary of the first settlers of New England, showing three generations of those who came before May, 1692, on the basis of Farmer's Register. By James Savage. 1860-62. 4 v. Boston, Little, Brown and company.

Richard Soule, 1812-1877. A dictionary of English synonymes and synonymous or parallel expressions, designed as a practical guide to aptness and variety of phraseology. 456 p. Boston, Little, Brown, and company, 1871.

Elizabeth Jane Whately, 1822-1893. A selection of English synonyms. 1st American ed., from the 2d London ed., rev. and enl. 179 p. Boston, Cambridge, J. Munroe and company, 1852.

Richard Soule, 1812-1877 and W. A. Wheeler. Manual of English pronunciation and spelling: containing a full alphabetical vocabulary of the language with a preliminary exposition of English orthoëpy and orthography. 467 p. Boston, Lee and Shepard [c1861] 1875

Richard Soule, 1812-1877. Pronouncing handbook of words often mispronounced and of words as to which a choice of pronunciation is allowed, by Richard Soule and Loomis J. Campbell. 99 p. Boston, Lee & Shepard; New York, C. T. Dillingham [c1873]

Louis F. Klipstein, A grammar of the Anglo-Saxon language. Rev. and enl. ed., 276 p., NY, G. P. Putnam, 1859.

Francis Andrew March, 1825-1911. Introduction to Anglo-Saxon. An Anglo-Saxon reader, with philological notes, a brief grammar, and a vocabulary. 166 p., NY, Harper & brothers, 1872.


Richard Anthony Proctor, 1837-1888. Light science for leisure hours. 343 p. New York, D. Appleton and company, 1871.

Felix Eberty, 1812-1884. The stars and the earth; or, Thoughts upon space, time, and eternity. 4 ed American, from the 3d English ed., 88 p. Boston. Noyes, Holmes, and company, 1874.

Sir John Frederick William Herschel, 1792-1871. Outlines of astronomy. A new ed. With numerous plates and wood-cuts, 557 p., Philadelphia, Blanchard & Lea, 1861.

William Whewell, 1794-1866. Astronomy and general physics. Considered with reference to natural theology. 236 p. New York, Harper & brothers, 1856.

Elias Loomis, 1811-1889. A treatise on astronomy. 344 p., NY, Harper & brothers, 1868.

Ormsby MacKnight Mitchel, 1809-1862. Popular astronomy. A concise elementary treatise on the sun, planets, satellites and comets. 376 p. New York, Phinney, Blakeman & Mason, 1860.

Amédée Guillemin, 1826-1893. The heavens: an illustrated handbook of popular astronomy. Ed. by J. Norman Lockyer. 4th ed. Rev. by Richard A. Proctor, 432 p., NY, G. P. Putnam & sons, 1871.

Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer, 1836-1920. Elements of astronomy: accompanied with numerous illustration, a colored representation of the solar, stellar, and nebular spectra, and celestial charts of the northern and the southern hemisphere. American ed., rev. and specially adapted to the schools of the United States, 312 p., NY, D. Appleton and company, 1873.

Anna Cabot Lowell, 1811-1874. The elements of astronomy; or, The world as it is, and as it appears. By the author of "Theory of teaching," "Edward's first lessons in grammar," etc. 376 p. Boston, Crocker and Brewster, 1850.

William Whewell, 1794-1866. Astronomy and general physics. Considered with reference to natural theology. 236 p. New York, Harper & brothers, 1856. _

Joel Dorman Steele, 1836-1886. Fourteen weeks in descriptive astronomy. 336 p. New York & Chicago, A.S. Barnes & co., 1874.

Edward Everett, 1794-1865. The uses of astronomy. An oration delivered at Albany, on the 28th of July [i.e. August] 1856, by Edward Everett, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Dudley astronomical observatory, with a condensed report of the proceedings, and an account of the dedication of New York state geological hall. 41 p. New York, Ross & Tousey, 1856.

Joseph W. Spoor. Electro astronomical atlas. 96 p. Albany, N.Y., Weed, Parsons and company, 1874.

Horatio Nelson Robinson, 1806-1867. A treatise on astronomy, descriptive, theoretical and physical, designed for schools, academies, and private students. [Rev. ed.] 358 p. Cincinnati, J. Ernst; New York, Ivison & Phinney; [etc., etc.] 1857.

Dionysius Lardner, 1793-1859. Hand-books of natural philosophy and astronomy. 3 v. Philadelphia, Blanchard and Lea, 1851-54.

Truman Henry Safford, 1836-1901. A catalogue of standard polar and clock stars. 32 p. Cambridge, Welch, Bigelow, and company, 1863.

Horatio Nelson Robinson, 1806-1867. A treatise on surveying and navigation: uniting the theoretical, practical, and educational features of these subjects. 101 p. Cincinnati, J. Ernst. New York, Mason brothers [etc., etc.] 1853.

Richard Anthony Proctor, 1837-1888. Half-hours with the telescope; being a popular guide to the use of the telescope as a means of amusement and instruction. 109 p. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1873.

Prof. Benjamin Peirce, 1809-1880. Tables of the moon; constructed for use of the American ephemeris and nautical almanac. [Second edition] Published by authority of the Secretary of the Navy. 348 p. Washington, Bureau of navigation, 1865.

Lord Baron John Benn Walsh Ormathwaite, 1798-1881. Astronomy and geology compared. 179 p. New York, D. Appleton & company, 1872.

William Augustus Norton, 1810-1883. A treatise on astronomy, spherical and physical; with astronomical problems, and solar, lunar, and other astronomical tables. For the use of colleges and scientific schools. 4th ed., rev., remodelled, and enl. 443 + 115 p. New York, J. Wiley & son, 1874.

Rev. Denison Olmsted, 1791-1859. An introduction to astronomy: designed as a text-book for the use of students in college. By E. S. Snell. 315 p. New York, Collins & brother, 1865.

Denison Olmsted, LL.D., 1791-1859. Letters on astronomy, in which the elements of the science are familialry [!] explained. Rev. ed. 427 p. New York, Harper & Brothers [1853]

John Gummere, 1784-1845. An elementary treatise on astronomy; in two parts. The first containing a clear and compendious view of the theory; the second, a number of practical problems. To which are added, solar, lunar, and other astronomical tables. 6th ed. Rev. and adapted to the present state of the science, by E. Otis Kendall. 363 + 114 p. Philadelphia, E. C. & J. Biddle, 1854. , 6th ed. Rev. and adapted to the present state of the science, 1860.

William Chauvenet, 1820-1870. A manual of spherical and practical astronomy, embracing the general problems of spherical astronomy, the special applications to nautical astronomy, and the theory and use of fixed and portable astronomical instruments, with an appendix on the method of least squares. 2 v. Philadelphia, London, J. B. Lippincott company, 1871.

Franz Brünnow, 1821-1891. Spherical astronomy. Translated by the author from the 2d German ed. 559 p. New York, D. Van Nostrand; [etc., etc.] 1865.

James Craig Watson, 1838-1880. Theoretical astronomy relating to the motions of the heavenly bodies revolving around the sun in accordance with the law of universal gravitation, embracing the formulæ for the calculation of the geocentric and heliocentric places, for the determination of the orbits, for the correction of approximate elements, and for the computation of special perturbations; together with the theory of the combination of observations and the method of least squares. 662 p. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co.; London, Trubner & co., 1868.

Lieut. J. M. Gilliss, superintendent. The U.S. Naval Astronomical Expedition to the southern hemisphere, during the years 1849-'50-'51-'52. Vol. I, II, III, VI. 4 v. Washington, A. O. P. Nicholson, printer, 1855-56.

Thomas Jefferson Lee. A collection of tables and fromulæ useful in surveying, geodesy, and practical astronomy, 2d. ed. 242 p. Washington, Taylor & Maury, 1853. Tables and formulae useful in surveying, geodesy, and practical astronomy, including elements for the projection of maps, and instructions for field magnetic observations. 3d ed., rev. and enl. 310 p. Washington. Gov't. print. off., 1873.

Daniel Kirkwood, 1814-1895. Meteoric astronomy: a treatise on shooting-stars, fireballs, and aerolites. 129 p. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1867.

Frédéric Zurcher, 1816-1890. Meteors, aërolites, storms, and atmospheric phenomena. From the French of Zürcher and Margollé. By William Lackland. Illustrated with twenty-three fine woodcuts, by Lebreton. 324 p. NY, D. Appleton and company, 1870.

Horation Nelson Robinson, 1806-1867. Mathematical recreations, containing solutions of many very difficult and important equations, and of several useful problems in geometry, surveying and astronomy, together with a method of finding the roots and equations by projection. 86 p. Albany, E. H. Pease & co.; Cincinnati, J. Ernst, 1851.

Friedrich Karl Ludwig Schoedler, 1813-1884. The book of nature: an elementary introduction to the sciences of physics, astronomy, chemistry, mineralogy, geology, botany, zoology, and physiology. 1st American ed.,with a glossary, and other additions and improvements, from the 2d English ed., tr. from the 6th German ed. by Henry Medlock. 691 p. New York, Sheldon & co., 1870.

Richard Green Parker, Cor., 1798-1869. A school compendium of natural and experimental philosophy, embracing the elementary principles of mechanics, hydrostatics ... optics, electricity, galvanism, magnetism, electro-magnetism, magneto-electricity, and astronomy. Containing also a description of the steam and locomotive engines, and of the electro-magnetic telegraph. Enl. and improved. 470 p. New-York, A. S. Barnes & co., 1856.

William Guy Peck, 1820-1892. Practical treatise on the differential and integral calculus, with some of its applications to mechanics and astronomy. 208 p. New York, Chicago, A. S. Barnes & company, [c1870]

Benjamin Peirce, 1809-1880. An elementary treatise on plane and spherical trigonometry, with their applications to navigation, surveying, heights and distances, and spherical astronomy, and particularly adapted to explaining the construction of Bowditch's navigator, and the nautical almanac. New edition, revised, with additions. 359 p. Boston, Cambridge, J. Monroe and company, 1852.

Rev. Charles William Hackley, 1809-1861. Elements of trigonometry, plane and spherical, with its application to navigation and surveying, nautical and practical astronomy and geodesy, with logarithmic, trigonometrical, and nautical tables. Fourth edition, 372 p., NY, G. P. Putnam, 1853.

Manuals, Novels, Poems, Current Mythology (Darwinism), etc.:

Rev. Francis Jacox, 1825-1897. Scripture texts illustrated by general literature. 403 p., NY, T. Nelson & sons, 1871.

John Ogden, A.M., 1824- ?. The science of education; and art of teaching. In two parts. 478 p. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys & co., 1859.

Rev. Jonathan Townley Crane, 1819-1880. Popular amusements. With an introduction, by Bishop E.S. Janes. 209 p. Cincinnati, Hitchcock and Walden; New York, Carlton and Lanahan, 1870.

Marvin Richardson Vincent, 1834-1922. Amusement; a force in Christian training. 140 p. Troy, N.Y., W. H. Young, 1867.

Theodore Ledyard Cuyler, 1822-1909. Sermon on Christian recreation and unchristian amusement. Delivered at Cooper institute, NY, Oct. 24, 1858. 20 p., NY, E.D. Barker, 1858.

The ladies' hand-book of etiquette and manual of politeness. 224 p., NY, J. Miller [18-?]

McIlvaine, Joshua Hall, 1815-1897. Elocution: the sources and element of its power. A text book for schools and colleges, and a book for every public speaker and student of the English language. 106 p., NY, Scribner, Armstrong & co., 1876.

McQueen, Hugh.: The orator's touchstone. 327 p.. NY, Harper & brothers, 1860.

Lewis C. Munn, The American orator. With an appendix containing the Declaration of Independence, with the fac-similes of the autographs of the signers; the Constitution of the United States; Washington's Farewell Address; and fac-similes of the autographs of a large number of distinguished individuals. 448 p., Boston [Mass.] Published by the compiler, 1853.

James Napoleon McElligott, 1812-1866. The American debater, being a plain exposition of the principles and practice of public debate. 323 p., NY, Ivison & Phinney, 1859 [1855]

N. W. Taylor Root, 1829-1872. School amusements; or, How to make the school interesting. Embracing simple rules for military and gymnastic exercises, and hints upon the general management of the school room. 225 p. NY, A. S. Barnes and company, 1869.

The book of humour, wit & wisdom; a manual of table-talk. 365 p. Boston, New York, Lee & Shepard, 1874.

John Newton Stearns, 1829-1895. Merry's rhymes and puzzles. 300 illustrations. 3 v. [New York, T. O'Kane, 187-?]

Mary Mapes Dodge, 1830-1905. Rhymes and jingles. 271 p., NY, Scribner, Armstrong, 1875.

J. B. Wolfsden: an authentic account of things there and thereunto pertaining, as they are and have been. 504 p. Boston, Phillips, Simpson and company, 1856.

Mary Mapes Dodge, compiled from St. Nicholas. Baby world; stories, rhymes, and pictures for little folks. 303 p. New-York, Century Co. [c1884]

Samuel Woodworth, 1785-1842. Melodies, duets, trios, songs, and ballads, pastoral, amatory, sentimental, patriotic, religious, and miscellaneous. Together with metrical epistles, tales and recitations. 3d ed., comprising many late productions never before published. 288 p. NY. Pub. for the author, by Elliot & Palmer, 1831.

William Watts. The Yahoo; a satirical rhapsody. 119 p. NY, G. Vale, 1855.

John Anson Woodward. Bouquet. A commedietta, in one act. Adapted from the French. 20 p. Boston, C. H. Spencer [c1871]

Levina Buoncuore Urbino. Art recreations: being a complete guide to pencil drawing, oil painting, moss work, papier mache, wax work, shell work, enamel painting, etc., with valuable receipts for preparing materials. Splendidly illustrated. 336 p. Boston, J. E. Tilton and company, 1863.

Henry Wellington Greatorex, 1816-1858. A collection of psalm and hymn tunes, chants, anthems, and sentences. 222 p., Hartford, A.C. Goodman & co. [etc., c1851]

Caroline Snowden (Whitmarsh) Guild, 1827-1898, comp. Prayers of the ages. 335 p., Boston, Ticknor and Field, 1868.

John Duncan Quackenbos, 1848-1926. Illustrated history of ancient literature, oriental and classical. Accompanied with engravings and colored maps. 432 p. New York, Harper & brothers. 1873.

Henry Reed, 1808-1854. Lectures on English literature, from Chaucer to Tennyson. 5th ed., rev. and cor. 411 p. Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co., 1860.

Rev. William Adams, 1814-1848. The king's messengers, an allegorical tale. From the London ed. with engravings executed by W. Howland from original designs by Weir. 8th American ed. 141 p. New York, General protestant episcopal S. S. union, 1858.

Novels by James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851), i.e., The last of the Mohicans:;c=moa;cc=moa;sid=241ea3281999c897df0e0a3be3685e38;rgn=pages;q1=Cooper;op2=and;op3=and;cite1=Cooper;cite1restrict=author;cite2=Fenimore;cite2restrict=author;firstpubl1=1800;firstpubl2=1925;view=reslist;subview=short;sort=occur;start=26;size=25

Hannah Webster Foster, 1759-1840. The coquette; or, The history of Eliza Wharton. A novel, founded on fact. By a lady of Massachusetts. New ed. With an historical preface, and a memoir of the author, 286 p., Boston, W. P. Fetridge and company, 1855.

Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, 1826-1887. Christiain's mistake (a Novel). 194 p. Chicago, Donnelley, Loyd and company, 1875.

Samuel Harvey Taylor, 1807-1871. Method of classical study: illustrated by questions on a few selections from Latin and Greek authors. 154 p. Boston, Brown and Taggard, 1861.

Homer Baxter Sprague, b. 1829. Masterpieces in English literature, & lessons in the English language. 437 p. New York, J.W. Schermerhorn & co., 1874.

Richard Chenevix Trench, 1807-1886. English past and present. 213 p. New York, Redfield, 1855.

Xenophon. A narrative of the expedition of Cyrus the younger, and of the retreat of the ten thousand. By Xenophon of Athens. Ed. by Alpheus Crosby. 275 p. Boston, Phillips, Sampson, and company; New York, J.C. Derby, 1857.

Virgil. The first six books of Virgil's Aeneid, with explanatory notes, a lexicon, and map; together with an appendix, containing Dr. S. H. Taylor's questions on Virgil, and a metrical index. Illustrated with numerous engravings, and a fac-simile page of one of the oldest existing manuscripts of the Latin text. By Edward Searing. 421 p. New York and Chicago, A. S. Barnes & company; [etc., etc.] 1871.

Virgil's Aeneid: with explanatory notes. By Henry S. Frieze. 2d ed.: xviii, 598 p. New York [etc.] D. Appleton and company, 1871.

Virgil. Opera; or, The works of Virgil. With copious notes, together with an ordo of the most intricate parts of the text. Designed for the use of students in the colleges, academies, & other seminaries, in the United States. By the Rev. J.G. Cooper. 615 p. New York, Sheldon & company, 1868.

William Shakespeare, 1564-1616. The dramatic works of William Shakespeare; illustrated: embracing a life of the poet, and notes, original and selected. 8 v. Boston, Phillips, Sampson and company, 1850-51.

Thomas Gray, 1716-1771. The poetical works of Thomas Gray. Ed. with a life by Rev. John Metford. 158 plus 223 p., Boston, Little, Brown & co.; New York, Blakeman & Mason [etc.] 1862.

Works by John Greenleaf Whittier, 1807-1892. I.E., The Pennsylvania pilgrim, and other poems. 129 p. Boston, J. R. Osgood and company, 1872.

Works of Baron Alfred Tennyson, 1809-1892.

Charles J. Woodbury. Talks with Ralph Waldo Emerson. 177 p. New York. Baker & Taylor, 1890.

W. W. Wright. Doré. By a stroller in Europe. 386 p. New York, Harper & brothers, 1857.

Sir Walter Scott, 1771-1832. The Waverley novels. Complete in 12 vol., printed from the latest English ed., embracing the author's last corrections, prefaces & notes. Phil., Lippincott, Grambo, 1855.

Mark Twain, 1835-1910. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. 449 p. New York, London, Harper & brothers [c1917]

Mark Twain, 1835-1910. The gilded age; a tale of to-day, by Mark Twain (Samuel L. Clemens) and Charles Dudley Warner. Fully illustrated from new designs by Hoppin, Stephens, Williams, White, etc. 574 p. Hartford, American publishing company; New York, Doublass & Myers, 1874.

Mark Twain, 1835-1910. Europe and elsewhere, by Mark Twain [pseud.] [with an appreciation by Brander Matthews and an introduction by Albert Bigelow Paine] Mississippi edition. 406 p. New York, London, Harper & brothers, 1923.

Writings of Harriet Beecher Stowe, i.e., Uncle Tom's cabin; or, Life among the lowly. 2 v. Boston, J. P. Jewett, 1852.

Thomas Budd Shaw, 1813-1862. Outlines of English literature. With a sketch of American literature by Henry T. Tuckerman. New American Edition. 489 p. New York, Sheldon & Co., 1866.

Barrett Wendell, 1855-1921. A literary history of America. 574 p. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1900.

William M. White, comp. Great truths by great authors. 564 p. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1856.

Richard Henry Stoddard (ed.), 1825-1903. The loves and heroines of the poets. 480 p. New York, Derby & Jackson, 1861.

The Spectator. Religious, moral, humorous, satirical, and critical essays. A new ed. 2 v. New York, G. A. Leavitt [1860?]

The shilling song book; a collection of 175 of the most favorite national, patriotic, sentimental, and comic ballads of the day. 128 p. [Niagara Falls, W.E. Tunis, 1860]

Artemus Ward, 1834-1867. Artemus Ward, his book. With many comic illustrations. 262 p. New York, Carleton, 1862.

Benjamin Penhallow Shillaber, 1814-1890. Rhymes with reason & without. 336 p. Boston, A. Tompkins & B. B. Mussey & co., 1853.

Benjamin Penhallow Shillaber, 1814-1890. Partingtonian patchwork. Blifkins the martyr: the domestic trials of a model husband. The modern syntax: Dr. Spooner's experiences in search of the delectable. Partington papers: Strippings of the warm milk of human kindness. New and old dips from an unambitious inkstand. Humorous, eccentric, rhythmical. 360 p. Boston, Lee and Shepard; New York, Lee, Shepard and Dillingham, 1873.

John Weiss, 1818-1879. American religion. 326 p. Boston, 1871.

F.E. Pitts. A defence of Armageddon, or Our great country foretold in the Holy Scriptures. In two discourses. Delivered in the Capitol of the United States, at the request of several members of Congress, on the anniversary of Washington's birthday, 1857. 116 p. Baltimore, J. W. Bull, 1862.

Torquato Tasso, 1544-1595. The Jerusalem delivered. 3d American from the last English ed. 624 p. New-York, D. Appleton & company, 1858.

Uriah Smith, 1832-1903. The United States in the light of prophecy; or, An exposition of Rev. 13:11-17. 160 p. Battle Creek, Mich., Steam press of the Seventh-day adventist publishing association, 1874.

Uriah Smith, 1832-1903. The sanctuary and the twenty-three hundred days of Daniel VIII, 14. 352 p. Battle Creek, Mich., Seventh-day Adventist publishing association, 1877.

William C Thurman. Our Bible chronology established. The sealed book of Daniel opened. 252 p. Philadelphia, J. Goodyear, 1864.

Rev. Edward Winthrop, 1811-1865. The premium essay on the characteristics and laws of prophetic symbols. 191 p. New York, F. Knight, 1855.

Rev. J. Litch and Thomas Wardle. Review of prophetic significance of eastern and European movements: being a plain, literal, and grammatical construction of the last five chapters of Daniel applied to passing events: showing conclusively that a Syrian prince, not Napoleon III., is the # of the last days. 47 p. Philadelphia. Merrihew & son, 1867.

Elder James White, 1821-1881. Life incidents, in connection with the great Advent movement, as illustrated by the three angels of Revelation XIV. Volume one. 373 p. Battle Creek, Mich., Steam press of the Seventhday Adventist publishing association, 1868.

Stephen Powers. Muskingum legends, with other sketches and papers descriptive of the young men of Germany and the old boys of America. 360 p. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1871.

Mrs. Catharine Van Valkenburg Waite, 1829- . The Mormon prophet and his harem; or, An authentic history of Brigham Young, his numerous wives and children. 5th ed., rev. and enl. 318 p. Chicago, J.S. Goodman, and company; Cincinnati, C.F. Vent and company, 1867.

Caroline Pratt, b. 1867. Before books. With Jessie Stanton. 347 p. New York. Adelphi Co., c1926.

William B. Swett. Adventures of a deaf-mute. 27th thousand. 48 pp. Marblehead, W. B. Swett, 1875.

Edmund Clarence Stedman, 1833-1908. Victorian poets. 441 p. Boston, J.R. Osgood and company, 1876.

James Woodmansee. The closing scene: a vision. In twelve books. 296 p. Cincinnati, R. P. Thompson, 1857.

Noah Porter, 1811-1892. Books and reading; or, What books shall I read and how shall I read them? 4th ed., 394 p. New York, Seribner, Armstrong & co., 1877.

John Power, 1820-1872. [Handy book about books]. 121 p. New York, J. Sabin & sons, 1873-77.

Henry William Pullen, 1836-1904. Modern Christianity, a civilized heathenism. By the author of "The fight at Dame Europa's school." 167 p. Boston, W.F. Gill and company, 1875.

George Hay Ringgold, 1815-1865. Fountain rock, Amy Wier, & other metrical pastimes. 240 p. New York, W. A. Townsend & co., 1860.

Edmund Clarence Stedman, 1833-1908. Rip Van Winkle & his wonderful map. 8 p. Boston, Fields Osgood & co., 1870.

The elements of drawing; in three letters to beginners. By John Ruskin, 1819-1900. With illustrations drawn by the author. 234 p. New York, J. Wiley & sons, 1876.

The Seven great hymns of the medieval church. 3d ed. 134 p. New York, A.D.F. Randolph, 1867.

James Barr Walker, 1805-1887. God revealed in the process of creation, and by the manifestation of Jesus Christ; including an examination of the development theory contained in the "Vestiges of the natural history of creation". 273 p. Boston, Gould and Lincoln; New York, Sheldon, Lamport & Blakeman, 1855.

The evil spiritsm / spiritualism was the foundation for the theories of evolution:

Horace Gay Wood, 1831-1893. The philosophy of creation: unfolding the laws of the progressive development of nature, and embracing the philosophy of man, spirit, and the spirit world. By Thomas Paine, through the hand of Horace G. Wood, medium. 120 p. Boston, B. Marsh, 1864.

Alfred Russel Wallace, 1823-1913. Contributions to the theory of natural selection. A series of essays. Second edition, with corrections and additions. 384 p. New York, Macmillan and co., 1871.

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I.E., on the topic of "Homeopathy":

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