"Iíve Looked For God A Long Time!" (Terry Lovejoy)

Terry Lovejoy and WOW Alan Michaelson Ė winners in life (photos by Bill Pancoast).

Terry is blonde and feisty and looks ever-ready to challenge the world. At 18 she has seen a lot, and isnít impressed by much. Living on her own after high school, she began to work in Burger King, just down the counter from a WOW (Word Over the World Ambassador, an Ambassador for God).

"I met Alan at work. I serve and he works the french fries. One day he told me about this Christian thing. I didnít think he looked like a church boy, but looked really nice. We agreed to meet after work one day and talk. I went through hell and high water to see him that night. I donít know why. But we met and he told me all about this Bible stuff. I always knew there was a God but no one could relate Him to me. Alan did. I took that Power for Abundant Living course, and it really changed my life. It made sense to me." "At work thereís a girl whom I couldnít get along with. Now I look at her and think, ĎThereís got to be more to her than a mouth. There must be some way we can get along.í Work is getting fun. I look over at Alan and know heís speaking in tongues. Whenever I get a few minutes I head for the Ďfriesí to hear something positive. Itís changed everything. Iíve looked for God for so long, and now Iím home" (Terry Lovejoy).

[The Way Magazine/March-April 1983, pp. 24-25 and Cover, from Cleveland]

Three Lovely Songs About God's Love, Composed By Alan Michaelson:

Love Never Fails, My Love For You Is Here To Stay, You Can Know God's Love Today

Plus A Prophecy and A Powerful Remark from God's Word.

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