Galoots on the Web

Russ AllenHow to make tools (especially planes)
Ted AnhaltPage of other people stuff (generous ISP!)
Jim BarkerThe Slippery Slope page, Millers Falls mitre boxes, Plane model number cross reference
Brent Beach (no index page!)Very good info on plane blade sharpening (primary research) and a nifty saw filing jig
Ralph BrendlerPorch Listmom, marking gauge accumulator, scraper sharpening expert
Bob BrodeTool Gallery, Furniture shots from L.A.
Peter BerglundBench, Projects, and a neat page of research on Steel hardening
Brian BucknerShop tool maker extraordinaire
BugBear/Paul Womack (that's me!)Page of links and a coupla plans
Josh ClarkeFrame saw, and the Resurrected Jay Sutherland Dating pages
Nicheal CramerSecondary index to Patrick's B&G
Paddy O' DeenPlaning, Zebra wood and Shellac
Stan FaullinStanley, Sargeant combo plane info, and Stanley spares supply
"Alf" (nom de sawdust)Lady Woodworker, with a rapidly growing, and well illustrated set of tools
Michael FieldKeeper of Museums and History
Jeff GormanSharpening, planing and dovetailing, as told by an English master
John Gunterman AKA spokeshaveLeading light of WW on the WWW
John HorobinEpiphytes and a Marples X-4
Joe JerkinsShop Pics
Gary JohnsProjects and Tools
Wolfgang JordanAwesome European site (in German)
Bob KauneDealer and Bedrock Type Study creator
Bob KeyGood shop, and a rapidly-becoming-the-standard first bench
Steve KnightMaker of well-regarded semi-Japanese planes
Dongil KimKorean using European style tools
George LangfordGaloot, Metallurgist and machinist
Patrick LeachOldTool dealer, and creator of the jaw dropping Patrick's Blood and Gore
Nathan Lindseygreat info on tool restoration
Claude LivernocheShop, projects, nice bench
Roger Van MarenShop, projects, bench
Chris McArdleUK Galoot
Louis MichaudTool maker; Dovetail Plane, and bowsaws
Sandy MossAmateur dealer (i.e. seller and splitter of auction lots)
Scott PostWooden plane making, and great projects
Paul PedersonMega ingeneous vise
Tom PriceMillers Falls type 1 planes, and some great banter
Randy RoederMillers Falls - everything bar miter boxes (c.f. Jim Barker)
Mark Van RoojenGreat projects and some Ohio Tools references, and a big workbench
Keith RuckerWondrous bench, Ohio tools info and dovetails
Andy SargentShop pics, Projects and Links
Tony SeoTools, technique, reference
Erik von SneidernWondrous Disston (saws) reference
Nuno SoutoAussie with a rapidly growing plane collection
Steve SplonskowskiNice sawing stool/bench
Christopher SwingleyTool projects and the creator of THE ARCHIVE
Bill TaggartYer normal galoot site, but a great bang per buck bench design
Pete Taran(Vintage) saws, sets and vises (New) files for sale
Dave TobbeCoupla infill projects
Chuck VanceNice Pine workbench, inter alia
Ken Vaughanreally clean shop, and some neat ideas
Peter Williamsyet again...Shop, project and tool pics
Jim YehleMaker of mighty infills
Moses YoderShop, project and tool pics
Jeff YoungstromJust startin' neander
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