Paul Womack's AKA BugBear's Search Engine Attractor

If you've found this page via a search engine, you may be looking for me.

I'm Paul Womack, known as "BugBear"; I went to Gresham's School back in the late 70's, thence to York University to study computer science in the early 80's. At least, that was the title of the course; what I actually did was drink and play role-playing games, mainly Runequest.

I then drifted into a career, writing software in 'C' for the printing/graphic arts industry. I started in Xenotron, working on their UX90 RIP, and then was a founder member of Hyphen, working on a PostScript RIP. I then went to Exbert/Cascade/Mediabridge/Engage/Whatever-it's-called-this-week. Following the sudden demise and liquidation of Engage UK, I'm a founding director at Papermule Ltd.

Of late, my main hobby has been buying and restoring old woodworking handtools, but I've dabbled in cycling (mainly pubs and time trialling), playing music (mainly Hammond organs) and photography (mainly landscape and snaps, with a wide range of cameras).

If you still don't recognise me from this description, I'm probably not the guy you're looking for.

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