California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat

Weight: 12-16 lbs.

Overall Appearance - Spangles are large, well-muscled cats wiith long bodies and a "wild," low-slung gait. They have prominent cheekbones and pale, well-developed whisker pads. The forehead is slightly rounded, the eyes are almond-shaped, and the ears are rounded at the tips and set high on the head. The tail is dark-tipped and blunt. The Spangle's spotted tabby coat is shorthaired, with slightly longer fur on the tail and underbelly

Personality - A recently developed breed similar in cooncept to the Ocicat, the Spangled Cat is a spotted, wild-looking creature. But this is a purely domestic breed, not a hybrid between a wildcat species and a domestic variety. Sweet-natured, intelligent, and energetic, Spangles enjoy companionship but are not demanding of their owners' attention

Breed Fact - California Spangled Cats were developed in the 1980s by a California breeder who was determined to create a domestic breed to mimic endangered spotted wildcats. A complex breeding program including an Abyssinian-domestic shorthair cross, a British Shorthair, an American Shorthair, a feral cat from Cairo, a spotted Manx, and a Siamese produced the anticipated results after eleven generations.



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