Ancient Wave 3
   By noon it was almost as dark as night outside. The wind blew and howled with great might. The rain started to come down heavy. It was raining so hard it was difficult to even see across the river to the far bank. Everyone seemed to go about what had to be done without talking. It was so quiet except for the chanting, and the sound of that wind.  That terrible wind. It wailed like it was in pain. The hair on Ozawahn Migizi arms stood up. But he did not say anything. He saw some of the other men look at their arms funny too.
     Once he thought he saw a large black cloud swirling in a circle on the top of the far bank. But it was raining so hard he was not sure. When it was time for the evening meal, the women fed the children and put them all to bed early. They went without fussing at all. The women tried to give the men food, but most would not take any. They were all so busy just looking at the storm raging outside the cave. Even most of the women did not feel hungry. The nursing mothers knew they had to eat tho. Everyone knew there had never been weather like this before. Everyone knew this must be when the big wave would come.  They all had friends and family still back in the old village.  It was a long day. The storm raged long into the night. The praying and chanting did not stop. Most of the people did not sleep. Just before dawn the wind stopped.  It was sudden. Shocking everyone. They all looked at the mouth of the cave as if they expected to see some great monster come in. There was no sound outside at all. It was still dark and stars could be seen overhead. All the men went close to the cave opening and looked out.
     One of them yelled, " Look, look at the river!"   They could all see it.  The water was so high.  Almost up to the opening of the low caves. If it got any higher it would flood into some of them.
     Some of the women started to think about their family and friends still in the old village. They started to pray and cried quietly so as not to wake the children.Ozawahn Migizi saw some of the people, that were in a low cave, look out. He told the chief he was going to go get them and bring them into this cave. If the water got any higher they might be in trouble down there.  The chief told a couple other men to go help also.       These men left and soon returned with two families and their belongings. There was really not much room in this big cave for them. But the women moved some of the parfeches and clay pots and made room for them anyway. Somehow comfort did not seem important at this time. Having friends and family safe was all that seemed to matter.
     The men in the other two large caves had seen what these men had done, They in turn went to some of the low caves and brought the people from there to their caves. Now there were no people in any of the low caves at all.    It was time for daylight, yet it was still dark. The sky was covered by dark clouds again. The wind started it's loud wailing. The rain came down with a vengeance. There was much praying and chanting. No one cooked for no one was hungry. The women joined in the praying. As some of the children awoke, they too started to chant. The youngest ones just clung to their mothers with eyes big. Only the babies ate. They nursed as if nothing was wrong.
     This time the rain and wind seemed worse. Perhaps they were, and perhaps it was just that the great venture was no more.  Now everyone knew this was no game. Everyone knew they might never see any of their friends or family again that were left back in the old village. With the great sun spirit no where to be seen, the day was a long one.
     When the rain slowed and the wind no longer wailed, it was night again. But even in the dark, the Chief wanted to know if everyone in the other caves were alright. So some of the warriors went to check on the other cave inhabitants. They returned and said all were doing well. That water was in some of the low caves. But they had already moved those people out. One of the warriors pulled a moccasin from his waist band and held it out to the Chief. It was one that had not been warn long. There were no holes in it. The beading on it was still bright and new looking.  The design on it as individual as a signature. Everyone knew it belonged to Mekanayzn, "Path", who had been married only seven moons.  She had just told her family that she was with child. Her moon flow had not come the last two moons. Her husband had decided they would stay in the village.  Her parents, however, were in this cave.
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Wandering Thoughts
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