Cohezel asked Jay why he watched them. Jay said it was because he wanted to learn about them. Soraf wanted to know who had sent him. Jay said no one had sent him, he was here on his own. Ciku wanted to know how he knew they were there? Galia joined in by saying that no one ever knew they were there, that the people were always careful not to be seen. Jay told them that he had seen them when he was a boy. That he had always known they were there somewhere and that is why he wanted to find them.  That he wanted to know why they kept away from other people.
     Some of the elders looked at each other but said nothing.  Sabal asked Jay who he was going to tell about them? Jay said that he had not even thought about that.  His only reason for being there was to learn about them. Tucan and Agoutis were young lads and had helped Jay learn the language. They wanted to know if he was going to stay with them always or was he going away? The elders looked at Jay as if his answer was of utmost importance.
     Jay took his time and gathered his thoughts before he started to answer their question. He told them that the thought of going back to the city had not even come into his head. He always felt out of place there and just did not fit in with the people there. He did not know where he was going to go or what he was going to do. All he knew was he felt at home here in the trees and really had no desire to go anyplace else, and that his ancestors had come to him in a dream and told him to come here to live.
     They questioned Jay for another hour. Never answering any of his questions. Only asking and listening to his answers. Then they told him he could go back to his tree home and they would see him tomorrow.   He know he was being dismissed so they could discuss him amongst themselves.
     Back in his tree, Jay started to think about some of the questions they had ask him. He really had not thought about going back to any city and he did feel at home here. Tho he did not look like these people, he began to wonder if he could stay with them. That thought was pleasing to him. Yes if he had a choice, that is what he would really want to do. Stay right here.
     The next day as Jay headed to the village, he wondered if he would be welcome, or if they would send him away, or if they would even be there. They might have left for another part of the jungle. They never left a trace and Jay knew it was impossible to track them from tree to tree. But when he arrived back at the village, they were all still there. They greeted him as if he was a friend. He went right to Cohezel and ask if he was allowed to stay in the village. Cohezel gave a smile and a nod. Cohezel told Jay to go with the young boys and he would learn with them what everyone in the village had to know. Even tho Jay would be a little behind the boys, Cohezel was sure Jay could catch up soon.
     It did not take Jay long to catch up to the other boys in learning all about the jungle he had chosen as his home. He learned about every plant and animal. He learned how to tell where he was in the jungle, and find his way around through the trees with more ease than he ever thought possible. These people even knew how to use each plant either for food, medicine, or poison.  The knowledge these people had was amazing to Jay. One of the elders, Nigig that had been teaching the boys about flowers, ask Jay if he had ever seen a moon flower. Jay said yes he thought he had, and told Nigig about the smell of the flower that glowed at night. Nigig seemed surprised and told Jay he was right. Then he ask Jay if he had ever eaten the flowers or the fruit from this tree. Jay said he had not.  The elder said the flowers and fruit should be eaten each year, as they would keep away sick spirits from the people. As he talked to Jay about the flowers and fruit, Jay realized Nigig was describing what vitamin C does for the body. These people might not use the same name for things, but they had the same knowledge, if not more, than modern people. In fact, as Jay learned more about the plants and fruits and what sickness they either kept away or cured, he realized they knew much more than modern people.
     In four months Jay had learned more about important things than he had learned in all his years of schooling. Dates meant nothing, money meant nothing, how to score at La Crosse meant nothing. Having good health and being happy with yourself and the people around you meant everything. Keeping the jungle plants and animals pure and safe and healthy meant everything. He knew there was a lifetime of things to learn about this world he had chosen, about the people that he was going to live with, and about the ways of the ancient people that were the ancestors of these people and his Grandfathers people. There were enough words in their language that were the same as in his Grandfathers language that Jay knew they must be from the same ancients. Jay was determined to find out about them.
music: Buffalo Dance