Jay was happy to see his Mother and after greeting her he introduced his friends Oncilla and Tucan. They sat and exchanged greetings. Then his Mother told Jay that she came because his Grandfather was told by the shaman of their tribe that Jay was gone forever to keep the plants safe. That the Great Mystery had sent him to help keep the plants safe for generations yet unborn.  Jay and Oncilla and Tucan looked at each other with great surprise. His Mother ask Jay if he thought this was true. He told her it was. She said, then his tribe would tell his story and he would be a legend to his people. She spoke with pride yet there was a sadness in her eyes. Jay understood for he too was sad at the thought of not sharing his life with his Mother and the rest of his family. Yet he knew this was where he was meant to stay.
     They spent many hours with Jay's Mother. They laughed and told stories and ate. But finally it was time for them to go. They all knew it and Oncilla and Tucan told her goodbye and went just outside the hole to let Jay say goodbye to her. She held him close for a few minutes and then with a tear on her cheek, told him how proud she was and how much she would miss him. She said they all loved him and he told her he loved her also and would miss her so much. Then they quickly left before he had tears also.
     Many years passed and the spirit people were strong and Jay knew everything he should know to be in this tribe. He knew all the secrets of the plants and he had fit in with these people well. Early one evening Galia came back to the village and told Jay that his Mother and a man were in the hole where she had been before. Jay told the people that he would take them to the fire and he would be pleased if some would come to greet them. Then Jay left to take his Mother and who ever was with her to the clearing fire.
     When he got to the tree hole where his Mother was, he saw his Father was the man with her. How happy he was to see both of them. Yet they looked so old to him. After he greeted them he ask if they would join him at a feast and they agreed. He took them to the fire clearing and there he saw that the entire village had come to greet his parents. How pleased he was. They were treated like honored guests and met everyone.  Cohezel and his Father seemed to like each other at once. Oncilla and Tucan had married and brought their 3 children to meet Jay's parents. Then Jay introduced them to Moonflower, his wife. His Mother seemed so pleased. He also introduced them to his children. The oldest was Odamin, named after his Mother. She looked so surprised and pleased. She gave the child a hug and sat the child down along side her. Then they met Migizi, a fine strong boy like Jay's Father. His Father had a large smile for Migizi. The third child was another boy named Misskwa, and then there was the baby girl Puma. Jay had a fine family and his parents seemed so pleased.
     During the conversation that night, Jay was told that his Grandfather had gone to the Above World. Jay told his Mother he had seen a vision and knew about his Grandfather, his Grandmother, and also two uncles. His Father was surprised but his Mother did not seem to be. His Father told Cohezel that Jay was a legend among his own people. Tucan sat right next to Cohezel and translated every word for him. It was a fine night and good conversation. The rain had let up for the occasion it seemed. His Father told Jay that they had been living in the tree hole for over two weeks, waiting for Jay to come to see them. He said it had taken them over a month to find the tree hole, but that his Mother had insisted they find it and stay there. Jay smiled and told his Father that his Mother was right about that. He said that usually people camped on the ground and are ignored and avoided. The only reason he was told about them was because they were in the tree hole. That seemed to give his Father something to think about.
     They had a great night and good food and good company.  They even had some songs sung by the young people, which his Mother seemed to really enjoy. But all to soon it was coming to an end.  Jay knew he would probably never see his parents again. His Mother acted like she had something she wanted to say all night, but had not said it yet. As they were getting ready to leave the clearing, his Mother ask him how long before the people of this tribe could share the plants with everyone. Jay looked at his Mother with sadness in his eyes. He told her that three strong people had to join the tribe before it would be time to share the plants with other people. She ask him if he knew what tribe the other two people had been from. He looked at his Mother for a few minutes, then he said that he was the first one to join.  There would be two others in years to come. But it would not be in his lifetime. Nor in the lifetime of his children. This news seemed to shock his Mother. She just looked at him so strange for the longest time. But she said nothing.
     Jay took his parents back to the tree hole and told them he was so glad they had come. They said their goodbyes and just before Jay turned to leave, his Mother spoke to him. She said, only the blood of the tribe he had chosen, and the blood that joined that tribe, and blood that helped save the plants, would be safe in the future. She knew her tribe, her blood line, had joined to save the plants. Her people would be safe. But any blood line that did not try to save the plants would perish. Saving the plants meant saving Mother Earth and all the animals on her.
     Jay said his goodbyes and left, knowing he would never see his parents again in his lifetime. But he also knew something else. He knew his Mother had been right, the tribe he was a part of had a big task set upon them by the Great Mystery. They had to save Mother Earth herself. It would be a hard task indeed. But they must accomplish it. He was proud that he had a part in this great work.  He had to help save the earth for those yet unborn. With the help of the Great Mystery, they would do what they were sent to do. Save the plants and all animals on Mother Earth. Jay smiled, turned and went back into the trees. Back into the world of the jungle ghosts.
music : Native Visions