Spring Fever

       Early spring was a nice time to be at work, Nickie thought. Windows were opened to let out all the stale winter air, and to let in the fresh spring scents. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood most of the time. Smiles were everywhere. Not much happened in the spring, usually. But Nickie could remember some things that had happened in the past.

     It was a nice spring day and the sun was out and everyone was thinking BBQ. Even at work. The ambulance crew had all the fixings for a nice BBQ in the parking lot. One had brought the grill and one the charcoal. There was a nice variety of meats and vegetables to be grilled. It was as close to a picnic as you could get at work. Nickie stopped on her way into the office and chatted for a few minutes with everyone. Then she went in to start her shift.
     She saw Patty, one of the ambulance crew, sitting in the office reading a book. Patty looked up and said hello, then went back to her book. Nickie went behind the desk and talked to Joan for a few minutes. Then Joan filled Nickie in on what was going on, so Joan could go home.
     About half hour after Nickie took over dispatching, she decided to make some coffee. It was quiet in the office and seemed like a good time to get out from behind the desk and put on a pot of coffee. Once the coffee was done brewing, Nickie got herself a cup and asked Patty if she wanted some. Patty smiled and took the offered cup of coffee. She put her book down and joined Nickie behind the desk. Patty talked about the nice weather for a few minutes.  Then she looked at Nickie and said,"You don't  seem to mind me being here. Why is that?" Nickie looked at Patty in surprise. " I don't understand what you mean Patty." Nickie said.
     Patty explained that most of the women there did not seem to like having her around. One of them even let it be known verbally every chance she had. Nickie thought about that for a minute. Yes she knew who Patty meant. It was Terrie, a part time girl, that always made nasty remarks about Patty. Terrie just did not seem to like Patty at all.
     Patty was a free spirit. She said what she thought and did what she wanted to do. She liked men. Being single she could go out with anyone she wanted to. She also let it be known that she thought the old fashioned idea of waiting for the man to initiate everything was past. If she wanted to dance she would ask him, if she wanted to go to bed with him she would ask that too.  Most women did not like that at all. Terrie did not like Patty at all because of this, and was always nasty to her.
     "You don't  seem to mind me working on your shift. You don't seem to mind me being in your office. I don't think you are as free thinking as I am. Yet you don't seem to mind that I do as I please." Patty said to Nickie.
     "Patty you do your job well, and you have always been nice to me. I see no reason to treat you bad. Everyone is welcome in my office as long as they do their job  and follow the rules."  Nickie said to her with a smile.
     Patty looked at Nickie for a minute in silence. Then she laughed out loud and said,  " Nickie, I like you. You are not at all like me, but you don't try to make me like you.  I like that." Nickie smiled at Patty and sipped her coffee. Then the two women started to chat about ambulance runs that had happened the day before, and other work related things.
     It was not a busy evening. The crew had their BBQ and Patty even filled a plate and brought it to Nickie. Several crew members and some off duty personnel sat around Nickie's office eating and talking. Some off duty personnel stayed outside. It was a pleasant evening. Finally the crew went back to their quarters, and the off duty personnel left for the local bar. They were going to party for a while  it seemed.   It was not real busy at all for a spring evening.
music: James Bond Goldeneye