About eleven o'clock , Barry, one of the officers, called on the radio to have Nickie run a license plate through LEIN.  He gave his location, the park boat ramp off the main road, and said he would be out of the car for a minute.  This was normal radio traffic and Nickie logged it. Five minutes later this same officer radioed Nickie and asked her to call the chief, tell him to go to the office at once. When Nickie asked  for the reason, she got no answer. Nickie called the Chief and told him. He said ok he was on his way.  Nickie knew Barry was not a rookie, that he would not ask for the Chief without good cause. The Chief knew this also.
     Another ten minutes went by, and suddenly the door to Nickie's office opened and Barry came in hurriedly, looking pale and upset. He slammed his service revolver down on Nickie's desk right in front of her and said," Keep this here for me or I will shoot the SOB!!"
     Barry turned and was out the door before Nickie could get her mouth closed. The Chief called on the radio that he was at the office for the meet. Nickie logged it. She sat wondering what was going on. But she knew she could not ask.
     The Chief called on the phone and asked Nickie who was on the ambulance crew that night. Nickie told him. He asked if she would get Patty and ask her to bring a jump kit and come to the office and have the rest of the crew stand by. Nickie did as she was ask.
     Fifteen minutes later a woman came into the office.  She looked as if she had been crying. She told Nickie that she had gotten a phone call from an officer, and was to meet with him at his office about her son. Nickie called on the phone to the police office and asked the Chief if she was to send this lady over. He said yes and also to have the rest of the ambulance crew come over. Nickie sent the lady over, then the ambulance crew.
     By one o'clock Nickie had finally learned that the officer had caught a man in the act of sodomizing a ten year old boy. This officer had a son the same age and was greatly upset by it. It seemed the suspect lived next door to the boy, and had told the mother he was going to take the lad fishing. The boys  father had passed away five years before, and the mother thought it would be good for the boy to spend some time with a man and learn to fish. Now the suspect was in jail, and the boy and his mother were at the hospital. His body would heal quickly. But it would take a lot of therapy before his mind was healed.
     At two o'clock the park ranger was making his rounds. When he was in the back part of one of the park facilities, he radioed that he had three subjects in custody and wanted Nickie to run them through LEIN. This was standard practice. Nickie did it all the time and thought nothing of it. Not until the ranger started to read her the name of the female subject. It was Terrie!  The one  that did not like Patty. Nickie could even hear her in the background asking the ranger to please not read her name over the radio. Nickie acted like she did not know the name, and treated the call like she would any other call.
     Just before daylight, the ranger on duty came into her office. He got some coffee and sat next to Nickie. Several of the rangers would stop in for a hot cup of coffee from time to time. They usually talked about what  had gone on that night. This time was no different. When the ranger got to the subjects in the back of the park, he said they were engaged in sex when he came upon them. But it was a little different than usual.  It was a three some. All the subjects had been drinking and all were nude. He said that the female was servicing both males, and he thought she was a downtown hooker at first. But she kept begging him to not put her name over the radio. She would not say why.  When he finally got the identification from them, they all seemed to be employed in good jobs.  Even the female.  So he just gave them a warning and let them go.
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