Nickie just smiled. She did not tell the ranger she knew the female. She would tell no one about this at all. What she learned in that office would stay in that office. But she knew that Terrie would not give Patty a hard time again. Terrie would not really know who knew about her tryst.. She had heard Nickie on the radio, but she did not know who else might have been in the office.  Patty could have been in the office. Anyone could have been. Everyone could have been.
     When it was time for the ambulance crews shift change, Nickie called on the phone to their quarters, and ask if Patty would stop by the office on her way out. When Patty came in, Nickie smiled at her and said, " Next time you see Terrie, smile  Just look at her and smile." Patty  looked at Nickie funny and said, "why?" Nickie shook her head and said,"  Just look at her and smile. That is all you have to do. " Patty laughed and said she would do that, then she turned and went out the door.
     A few minutes later Nickie got a nice surprise. Little Jay came into her office. Nickie had not seen  Jay in a long time. Jay grew up a few houses down the street. He had done odd jobs around there while he grew up. Raking leaves, washing police cars, even planting flowers in the planters outside the offices. He used to come into Nickies office and sit and chat with her about his plans for when he grew up. She had not seen him since he went away to college.
     Nickie smiled from ear to ear when she saw Jay.  He smiled back and sat down next to her and put his feet up on her desk just like he used to do. She laughed out loud and so did he. Then he put his feet down and took out a photo from his pocket and showed it to Nickie. It was of a lovely young girl. Blonde hair and blue eyes and a nice smile.
     "This is Nancy and last night I asked her to marry me and she said yes" Jay said to Nickie . It was plain to see Jay was just glowing with happiness. "Well congratulations Jay," Nickie said, "but what happened to that little boy that was never going to marry a girl?"
     "Spring happened Nickie," Jay said, " I learned what spring fever is all about. I think I grew up a little too along the way."
     They chatted about Nancy and Jay's plans for the future until Nickie's shift was over. Then Jay said he had to meet his Father for breakfast, but would stop back again sometime soon. He hurried out the door as Linda was coming in to take over from Nickie.

         Yes spring was usually a nice quiet time to work. But sometimes spring fever affected people in different ways. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not good. But always it was interesting. At least Nickie thought so.
music: James Bond Goldeneye