New Bells for St. Sebastian Church 

New Bells for St. Sebastian Church

Christianity is enshrined in Maltese culture, and religious traditions are still kept alive in the islands' village
communities. The world known anthropologist Jeremy Boissevain has observed that Malta is the only European country in which churches are still being built. The small communities of Qawra, Santa Venera and Zebbiegh are taking the tradition of church building into the third millennium.

This is not all. Village communities still endeavor to adorn their parish churches with works of art. Any one familiar with Malta would agree that the parish church is  a religious monument that imparts a sense of identity to the village itself .

It is against this background that the Lm100,000 ($250,000) project to crown the parish church of
St. Sebastian is to be considered. In just one year, this sum of money was collected and the bells were ceremoniously placed in their respective steeple. Six bells were donated by individuals or groups, while the seventh bell, Sebastiana, was bought through donations gathered from the people in the parish.

Sebastiana's first toll

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