Festas in Countryside Chapels 
Feast of Santa Marija at Hax-Xluq
Despite the fact that over sixty parishes celebrate their festa in summer, a number of smaller feasts centered around countryside chapels  are also organised. This tradition has been rekindled in the past decades probably due to increase awareness of local identity of the villagers.

In each of these chapel festas one always finds the same basic elements. Humble decorations adorn the chapel and its immediate surroundings, while some fireworks are provided by the local amateur pyrotechnicians. 'Traditional' folk music is played and when not available a stereo player provides an equivalent atmosphere. No procession is usually organised for such occasions, the only religious function usually being provided by a mass. A little fair is also organised serving as a social activity for the villagers present.

If you ever happen to be around on a quiet summer evening and you notice some fireworks coming from a decorated countryside chapel, do stop for a moment - you will never forget the experience.


Feast at Tal-Providenza Siggiewi


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