Ghar Zerriegha


This site, occasionally erroneously referred to as Ghar Zerrieq, is mostly known for the features shown by a number of cart-ruts existing in the area.  In fact two groups of ruts with different profiles can be distinguished. The so called ‘modern ruts’, which here are clearly associated with quarrying, are characterized by an almost constant rut width throughout their length. The ruts in this group have a U-shaped profile, and the area contained between each rut pair shows a number of depressions attributed to wear produced during traction of the vehicle by humans or animals.

In contrast the profile of the other group of ruts (often described as ‘typical’) varies considerably along the ruts’ length and is V-shaped in section. The distance between the ruts in each pair exhibits a much greater variation when compared with the ‘modern ruts’.

A pair of ruts are noteworthy because they appear to lead directly over the cliff edge, a fact which some authors interpreted as an evidence for runways of the past. Rut trails cut off by fall of the cliff face would be a more simple and credible explanation. The Ras il-Pellegrin plateau near Fomm ir-Rih is another place were this type of ruts can still be observed

Other features

The cart-ruts are not the only archaeological feature in the area. To the south of the cart-rut site, one may still observe the opening and roofing of a probable roman cistern. In the immediate vicinity a little hamlet probably knowing its origins to the medieval period lies hidden in the cliff overlooking Wied ir-Rum.


The easiest way to find this area is to take the road to the left of the Roman Villa, and keep on this road until you reach a roundabout. Take the road marked Mtahleb and for the next two bifurcations choose the roads marked Mtahleb again. After about 200 metres look out for the side road sign posted Dingli. Once on this road turn on the right at the first bifurcation, and keep on driving until you reach the cliff's edge. The site is near the cliff's edge.

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