Ta' Hagrat Megalithic Temple
Facade of Western Temple and modern buildings, Mgarr


Walking away from the Mgarr Church, follow the alley to the left just beyond the local school. Admission to the site is through appointment with the Museum Authorities


The megalithic remains at Ta' Hagrat consist of the remains of two adjacent megalithic temples. Only the lower courses of the eastern temple are preserved but enough to reveal an irregular plan. More can be seen within the western temple which is preserved to a higher level. Initially started as a trefoil temple, one of its apses has been further divided into two, a feature uncommon in the other Temples.

Early Temple period pottery found on the site was instrumental in ascribing the term Mgarr to a short prehistoric phase between the Zebbug and Ggantija phases. A small model of an early temple is the best known find from the site. The triliton entrance to the western temple is impressive in itself but remains a twentieth century restoration using most of the original megaliths on site.

View of Mgarr Church from Trilithon Doorway                          Details from the Western Temple

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